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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Power in that Book

(our granddaughter, Sylie)

I love the Book of Mormon!

The missionaries are great at encouraging those they teach to read daily from the Book of Mormon right away in order to receive a testimony and to stay strong.

It works!

Here are a few stories shared recently by the missionaries. I have dropped in some inspirational Book of Mormon pictures too (not related to the stories).

Elder Fisher, Guyana
Nalika has been reading a few verses at a time from the Book of Mormon between each visit, and since that visit has volunteered several times her testimony that she really feels and believes that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. She and her children always remind us to assign something new to read before we leave because they love the book. I know that we can truely draw closer to God by reading and living according to the teachings of the Book of Mormon.

Elder Riding, Suriname
We went by an investigator we haven't been by in a while, and while she was there she recognized the good feelings that came from reading the Book of Mormon. We gave her a homework assignment and I'm excited to teach her more. That's when I feel good- when we feel the power of that book with investigators.

Elder Roberts, Trinidad
This week we have been working with a couple named Travis and Talanna. we gave them a book of mormon and a reading assignment on thursday. instead of reading the assignment that we gave them they decided to start from the beginning. they read the preface to the 1st book of nephi and in the first few words it says the name of lehi's wife sariah, their daughter's name is sariah and they saw that as a sign that they need to read it so they read the first two chapters that night. they have been reading a lot and are already at chapter 13. it was amazing to me the things that the lord does to prompt people to read the book of mormon.

Elder Swain, French Guiana
Olivia and Tmoulsse accepted our teachings and knew immediately the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. When followed up at the next rendez-vous about the Book of Mormon, They responded, 'magic', 'it's simply magic'.

Elder Fox, Trinidad
There's this couple named the Beekies. Sis. Beekie has read through the entire Book of Mormon in just a few weeks and can't wait for baptism, however, her husband hasn't been ready. He was born muslim and was having a hard time understanding the significance of the atonement. Elder Risenmay and I decided to map out a two week plan in which we left a chapter a night about the atonement and then a question he had to answer. We handed him the full 2 week list and commited him to do it. After the lesson we both turned to each other and said "Do you think that was a little overwhelming?" Well we lost contact for about a week and finally met back up. Sis Beekie came out of the house saying "check this out!" Bro Beekie had done it every night and answered the questions! We couldn't believe it. Then we watched "Together Forever" and it really hit him hard in the first segment. He said "That's exactly what we say to each other". His wall has finally been broken and they're getting baptized as a couple this month.

Elder Williams, Martinique
Our success story this week is about an investigator who came to church last week - Christian. A member invited him and the first time we had ever seen him was at church. We tried making an appointment with him but this last week didn't work for him because he was really busy with work, so we gave him a Book of Mormon and a few things to read and got his phone number. We called him up during the week to see how his reading was going and he started going off about how much he loved it. After just a few days he had finished first Nephi and was talking about all of the stories that were in it. He came to church again on Sunday, and after an announcement was made about a Geneology activity he went up and asked for a four generation chart. He doesn't work this week so we're looking forward to seeing him..I know that the lord prepares people to receive the gospel and that member work is the only way to go.

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