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Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe it really is goodbye

We honestly thought we were all done with goodbyes.

Early this morning, President Robison walked into the big living room where we held many wonderful zone conferences and wished he could see the missionaries one more time. Little did he know what was happening outside our gate.

The assistants (Elders Hamilton and Jones) and two of the zone leaders (Elders Williams and Worthington) arrived just before 6:00 AM to take us to our flight.

We climbed in the big mission van.

Pulled out of the driveway.

Drove through our gate.

Took one last look down our pretty street.

And what did we see?


Every missionary in Trinidad standing along the sides of our street waving handkerchiefs (paper towels actually) and singing 'Called to Serve." I can't think of a more beautiful (and tearful) sight.

They followed us down the road

And we just had to stop for a quick photo

Thanks to the couples (talented Sister Myers in particular) who helped gather the elders and made this sweet memory possible (and fed them all breakfast afterwards!).

Hurrah for Israel!

Hurrah for the West Indies Mission!


Jan Myers said...

What fun it was to surprise you! We love and honor you - at 6 a.m. and always!

Our love,
Elder and Sister Myers

Jenny said...

wow, what a neat goodbye.

Angela said...

It just shows how much the Elders in the West Indies love you! You will be greatly missed!

Jo said...

wow that makes me teary for you

Stan & Isabelle said...

I'm writing thru my tears, i can feel the love and honor! You are so wonderful ... I only wish all the WIM missionaries were able to line the streets and their parents and family ... all love you deeply!

Dave and Tauna said...

A great goodbye for great missionaries. You and President Robison are the best!

Maria said...

What a sweet send off. My parents were also mission presidents in the west indies mission from 1997-2000. Seeing pictures of the mission home again brings back such great memories. What a special place! Thanks for sharing your experience!