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Monday, June 8, 2009

Final Suriname Zone Conference

There is something special about Suriname.

I love the beautiful, kind people.

And the missionaries are obedient, united and devoted to their work.

Can you imagine getting a mission call letter saying "You are called to serve in the West Indies, Dutch speaking"? I don't think I have talked to a single elder (from the US) who understood where he was going at first. They have quite an adventure as they learn Dutch and travel to South America.

There are sixteen missionaries serving in Suriname right now and most of them will spend their entire two years in that country. That can lead to wonderful bonds of friendship.

To honor us on our last visit, the elders decided to wear their suits - despite the heat (and no AC).

(even my lens was hot and foggy)

We were dazzled

Don't they look handsome?

I suppose most missionaries around the world wear suits - but here in the West Indies this is rare. The elders do all their work in short sleeved white shirts and ties.

The great French Guiana elders travel to Suriname (via car, canoe, and taxi) for zone conference. They are truly in the frontier of the mission - the only country with no missionary couple (if you know of a senior couple who would like a French adventure - please let me know!)

We continued our study of 'study'

Because of the diversity of this zone, we were able to hear a musical number in French, English and Tahitian - provided by the French Guiana elders

Lunch was my favorite - Saoto soup - provided by these wonderful Surinamese sisters

This is for you, Moms - close up pictures of your handsome, happy, hard-working sons!

Elders Tholen and Riding, and future Elder Bishasr (called to serve in Puerto Rico)

Elders Mecham, Holtz and Muse

Elders Pence, Harding and Baantjer

Elders Koenen and Lubberink

Elders Schroath, Shakespear and Croese

Elders Kempenaers and Biver

Elders Butler, Taerea, Temarono and Maihota

Elders Kinghorn, Swart and Vernes

At the end of the day we chatted, shared pictures, and finally - we just had to say goodbye


Angela said...

Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures of our missionaries! I realize, this may be the last time we see him online in almost real time. Hopefully Sis. Gamiette will continue the tradition. (Please train her!) Thanks so much!

Stan & Isabelle said...

Once again I am so touched with emotions - you are the beloved President and wife, i love the honor they give to you. I also love and appreciate all that you. THANK YOU!