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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Today is our last day in the mission field.

Last night we had a wonderful fireside with the saints of Trinidad. We looked back over the church history of the country and the mission.

Did you know that three young missionaries on their way home by boat from Cape Town South Africa in 1940 stopped in Port of Spain and preached the Gospel to a Pentecostal congregation? As far as we know they were the first LDS missionaries to ever set foot on Trinidad. Richard G Sharp, one of those missionaries, sent us his story. I will type up the entire experience and post it later when I have more time (at home).

Anyway, it was nice to be with our Trinidad brothers and sisters one more time and we will miss them deeply.

Today we get to go to church in our home ward of Curepe. Bishop Alleyne has asked us to speak - so that will be our final time speaking as missionaries.

It's funny - we seem to be taking note of lots of "lasts" lately - our last time through immigration, last LIAT (leaves in any time) flight, last neighborhood walk, my husband even commented on the last time we would see the grass cut in the field on our street (is that a sign of trunkiness?).

This is such a sweet work and we hate to leave it but at the same time we're incredibly excited to see our family:

(sorry - I couldn't resist a few recent pictures!)

I thought I'd share a little on what we will be doing in the future. President Robison was asked to teach Organizational Behavior and Leadership at BYU starting fall semester. He will also teach a religion class in the future. He is looking forward to that experience.

I plan to take a few months to focus on famiy and get our house in order (single son lived there for the past two years!). Then I will look for ways to use the PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology I completed just days before entering the mission field. I had such a stressful few weeks getting everything published and signed and in order that I think I was the only sister at the mission president training who was relieved to be going on a mission!

By the way - this mission was a far greater and deeper learning experience than anything I have ever done in school. I hope that if at all possible, anyone reading this blog will work towards serving a mission. Other than raising a family, it is the sweetest work in the world. It's interesting that every single young returning West Indies missionary I have asked is planning on serving a couple mission. Why is that? They love their missions and want to do it all over again. They admire the senior couples and see the incredible impact of their work. Above all, they have learned that this life is all about showing love for our Father by serving, teaching loving His children.

Just a note - I have two more blog posts I plan to do today

1 - details about our 'homecoming' talks at church in Provo on July 12
2 - a special final slideshow of our favorite images from three years in the West Indies

so - stay tuned :)


Stan & Isabelle said...

THANK YOU - THANK YOU ... I'm filled with tears of gratitude to know you thru this website. WIM has been a great experience due to the information that you have provided. We are so gratful that our son was able to know and serve with you. My husband and I hope to be able to serve there within the next five years. You are #1! HURRAY FOR ISRAEL!!

deanna said...

My first comment. I absolutely love you and this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has changed my life. I know my son's awesome experience is due largely to you. By the way, your children take fabulous pictures, just like you!

Love, DeAnna Neff