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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Final Canje Zone Conference

We were welcomed in style, Guyana style that is, to our final zone conference in Canje.

The elders arranged for a horse cart, a common mode of transportation in Guyana, to drive us to the Canje chapel.

Here were come!

That's Elder Huntsman and Elder Sturdevant driving us - two of the zone leaders.

Here is the sight that greeted us in front of the chapel - the elders of Canje and Berbice zones lined up along the sides of the road with their long-sleeved white shirts (reserved for zone conferences) and shiny shoes.

As we arrived they gave us an exuberant "Hurrah for Israel!"

Thanks to the hard-working horse

Here is the blue-tied Berbice Zone (with Elder and Sister Bullock)

And the red-tied Canje Zone (with Elder and Sister Treseder)

Don't we look like we are having fun?

Once again, we focused on studying and teaching the doctrines and principles of the Gospel

Elder Ritchey organized a special musical number. He composed new words to the "Marine's Hymn" - all about serving as a West Indies missionary. It was fabulous!

At the end of the conference the elders presented us with the perfect gift - a scrapbook of their pictures and thoughts

They are VERY fine missionaries!

Elders Huntsman and Sturdevant

Elders Wiederhold and Peterson

Elders Kippins and Jones

Elders Warhurst and Lundberg

Elders Welch and Packer

Elders Jordan and Risemay

Elders Coronado and Scott

Elders Worthington and Bowens

Elders Olsen and Manwill

Future US presidential candidates - Elders Palmer and Ritchey


Saying goodbye is not easy

We had a fireside in the evening. The chapel was filled with the wonderful, faithful Guyana saints who traveled in difficult conditions to be with us one last time.

The district president's beautiful wife, Sister Phagwah

I will miss her!

Sister Sowers - the very first person I saw baptized during my mission

I don't give the elders hugs, but Elder Coronado and Elder Scott showed me a 'hand hug'

I will miss the fine, fun missionaries and members of Canje and Berbice!!!

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Stan & Isabelle said...

once again... so much fun ... thank you!!