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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Final Trinidad Zone Conference

After traveling from Trinidad to St Lucia to Guadeloupe to St Martin to Trinidad to Suriname to Guyana to Trinidad (about 1000 miles from north to south) - it was very nice to have our final zone conference in the mission home. I only had to walk about 20 steps to my chair!

It was an excellent conference - full of the Spirit. I think we all learned something new about studying and teaching the Gospel.

Elder Hamilton and Elder Jones role played an experience they had earlier this month

Here it is:

While they were out contacting people, Elder Hamilton started talking to man sitting on a curb with his cigarettes and alcohol. He taught the man a little about the restoration, and then he applied what we have been discussing all month - he briefly and simply taught one of the powerful doctrines of the Kingdom. He taught the man that his body is a gift from his Father in Heaven who loves him and that it is precious and needs to be kept clean and pure - like a temple. After a few minutes of conversation Elder Hamilton asked, referring to the alcohol, "So are you going to finish that?" The man picked up the bottle, emptied it out and said, holding up the restoration tract he had just been given, "I don't need it any more. I have this!"

We worked hard together to learn how to study and prepare to teach doctrine with that kind of converting power.

Here we are in the front yard of the mission home - the missionaries of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad South Zone

Trinidad North Zone

Elders Jensen, Holmstead, Rosales, Thomas, Payne and Neilson

Elders Noah, Gaddy, Stratton and Thomas

Elders Williams, Ali, Bryan and Barton

Elders McNeal, Jones, Gossai and Cromwell

Elders Hamilton, Romney, Cotton-Betteridge and Jones

Elders Larson, Williams, Duncan and Westover

These two attract quite a bit of attention on the island of Tobago:

Elders Jones and Jarvis


So after participating in about 150 zone conferences over the past three years, we are done.

It's been wonderful!

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