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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Final Georgetown Zone Conference

Isn't this a powerful sight?

Georgetown plus the new Linden and LaGrange zones (created out of the old Diamond Zone) gathered to the LaGrange chapel yesterday for our final Guyana Zone Conference

Georgetown Zone

LaGrange Zone

Linden Zone

Some fine prospective missionaries joined with us.

This is Mark Rodney - a recently baptized member from the new area of Linden. He was SO excited to receive his own copy of Preach My Gospel!

This is Richard Linde who is not even baptized yet (actually it happened the day after zone conference). He is already planning for his mission!

And this is Bruce Coelho from Parika - he looks like a missionary already

Can you imagine the changes that are taking place in these young mens' lives as they work with the missionaries?

They enjoyed (endured?) five hours with us and even bore their testimonies at the end of the conference.

They learned plenty about studying the Gospel from the example of their new brothers

Senior couples know how it's done

What an impressive group of missionaries!

Elders Jailall, Lang, Vance and Barker

Elders Linton (brand new), Lee, Clark and Damm

Elders Harris, Powers, Tupou and Findlay

Elders Mulder, Gilly, Moses and Stebbing

Elders Falatau (2 weeks left), Vaea, Christensen and Chambers

Mark plus Elders Fillerup (2 weeks left), McDaniel (2 weeks left), Sorber (2 weeks left) and Jestice

Elders Daines, Stewart (brand new), Marshall and Green

Elders Parrish (2 weeks left) and Brenkmann

Elder Averett, Jamall and Elder Clark (2 weeks left)

The missionaries gave us wonderful departing gifts to make sure we will never forget the beauty and wonder of Guyana

This made it possible for President Robison to become an honorary member of the L'alligator (scripture cover) zone!

What fun!

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Dave and Tauna said...

President and Sister Robison,
Thank you for the wonderful pictures and experiences you helped the Elder's of the West Indies have. You will truly be missed.