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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Future of this Blog

I thought I'd do a little blog housekeeping and summarizing these last few days before going home. The new elders are out converting the island of Trinidad right now. I'll post pictures of them tonight.

Here's what I think will happen with West Indies mission blogging.

This blog is staying with me and will shift to a returned missionary focus and perhaps a look back at some fun pictures I never had time to organize and post. I would also love to take note of and record the ongoing impact of the West Indies mission in the lives of members, senior couples and young elders.

The last time I checked, President Gamiette said he wants to keep a West Indies Mission blog going. Sister Palmer, serving with her husband here in Trinidad, is prepared to help keep it up to date. So we set up a new blog at:


I will add plenty of information and links to the new blog before we leave.

I will certainly miss taking and sharing pictures of the amazing West Indies Missionaries. There is a special spirit (and look) about missionaries who are obedient and fully engaged in the work of the Lord. As Oliver Cowdery said, "These are days never to be forgotten."


Dave and Tauna said...

President and Sister Robison,
You will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service. We are excited for you and your family to be together again.

Brad N said...

Sister Robison,

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you have done. While it is wonderful to follow our son and the other missionaries, more importantly this blog has inspired hundreds to do more in gathering Israel. We send you hearty "Hurrah for Iasrael".

Angela said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you with many hugs for this wonderful blog. It has made the transition for a new missionary mom so much eaiser. I know you and Pres Robison have made a huge impact on my son, and he will always remember your teachings. I'm sure your family is ready for you to come home and be the local grandma and grandpa! Have a safe trip home!

kellie_dayton said...

President and Sister Robison,
Have a wonderful time with your family! We are excited for you and are happy that the time has come for you to return home! Thanks again for everything. Enjoy those cute little grandkids!
Sister Dayton

marie-jo.v said...

President and Sister Robison,

We are very grateful for your love, your help and your time for missionnaries and families by this blog. Have a good time with all your family.
Hurra for Israƫl !
Vogel family

Stan & Isabelle said...

What else can be said - you are so loved and we are so grateful for all that you have done! Thank you for helping us to feel that great spirit of 'hurrah for israel' we love you and the WIM!!!