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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Island Zone Conference - January

We had our first zone conference in the new huge chapel addition in the Castries St Lucia building. You can't begin to see all the space - but 120 chairs fit in with loads of leftover room.

Here is the powerful group of island missionaries plus future missionary Shannon

There are quite a few new faces in the islands. You see, we have sixteen elders going home April 1st. President Robison does not like to have elders finish their mission as zone leaders - he likes them to end training new elders or serving in the field. So he sent a whole bunch of these great and experienced missionaries to the islands to set them on Fire!

Also, the Martinique elders came to join us. They usually go to Guadeloupe but there is a terrible strike going on there right now and no one can get in -including us. We were supposed to have a zone conference there tomorrow but that will be postponed until the strike is settled. All the missionaries are fine, but their work is limited right now.

We had a wonderful Island zone conference. The elders are ready to go out and get it done.

Here they are - island by island

Martinique plus two

Elders Maihota, Vogel, Procter, Temarono (heading to Guyana today to serve as a zone leader), Terea, and Garret (in front - now serving in St Lucia)

St Vincent plus one

Elders Fox, Williamson, Lubberink, Rosales (used to be in St Vincent but is now in St Lucia - thus the odd number of elders), Sarager, and the Hattons

St Lucia

Elders Hymas, Rosales, Nestegard, Clark, Williamson, Garret, and Sisters Hymas and Willamson

Lonely Grenada - the Woods (missionary couple) couldn't make it to conference

Elders Hamilton and Stebbing

Today's visitors

Shannon and his mother, Adrianna

All those couples

Hymus, Williamson, Hatton, and us

The Williamson family
- finishing their mission in a few weeks

to lunch

Here is a fun story.

Sister Adrianna (member for 2 years) helped set up today's lunch.

She said, "I learned how to cook from Sister Sherwood (previous couple) and it was great."

"Then I learned how NOT to cook from Sister Hymas (current missionary couple) and that is even better! No sweating, no washing dishes."

Lunch today was from Subway and it was delicious.

Adrianna also said she didn't think she could possibly like the new couple after growing so close to the Sherwoods - but that changed very quickly. Now she loves them both!

Couples make such a difference in this mission and the blessings go both ways - couples who serve go home changed forever and their families receive special blessings and care from above.


stanfordpacker said...

Again I say - these are great pictures. Sister Robison and President you are such wonderful people. I cannot wait to retire and serve a mission in the WI!

diane said...

Elder and Sister Hymas introduced me to my huband. I've been reading your blog since Elder Lang is serving there. He and my son grew up together. Our son is serving in Boise. What a nice surprise to see Elder and Sister Hymas too. Thank you for this blog. I think all mission President's wives should have them. I know I wish there was a Boise mission blog.