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Monday, January 26, 2009

Running a Mission

I remember sitting with some graduate students at a table at BYU just after getting our mission call. One of them (an RM) said, "I would never want to lead a mission. That would by like three years of scout camp!"

I have often thought about how wrong he was. This is the sweetest work imaginable. We love seeing others receive the blessings of the gospel, watching branches grow strong, and most of all observing young men have the doctrines of the priesthood distill upon them as they learn their duty and serve the Lord with all their hearts.

On a lighter note, I thought it would be fun to share some of the challenges of leading a mission illustrated by pictures our children took last weekend of our five "mission blessing" baby boys.

These are all things President Robison has heard - brightened up just a little :)

"Look out world! I was the TRAVELING DISTRICT LEADER on the plane from the MTC and I know how to do missionary work."

"How much longer do I have to keep propping up Elder Smith?"

"President, do you think I am going bald?"

"We're tired, it's hot, people aren't nice to us. Do we really have to go out and work today?"

"When will I like my mission?"

"I miss my MOM!"

"I've had enough! I can't stand one more minute with Elder Smith. Transfer me today!"


Karenin said...

ha ha! that was hilarious...

JER said...

haha... these boys will be hard core... I'm not too worried

Angela said...

lol...that was so cute!

stanfordpacker said...

what great joy and laughter, just like a mission... this is so cute ...thanks for sharing

Dave and Tauna said...

You are hilarious. What cute boys you have.