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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mission Blessings

I try to keep this blog about the missionaries and not about my husband and I. But today I just have to share one of our mission blessings.

We left home in July 2006 with these ten sweet grandchildren - eight granddaughters and two grandsons

Here is what has happened in 2008 - and we only have four married children!

Baby boy Mason - born in March (on President Robison's birthday!)

Baby boy Jeremiah - born in May

Baby boy Jack - born in August

and yesterday IDENTICAL TWIN BABY BOYS Henry and James joined our family

I know - enough pictures! But I love this one with the orange hats

This army (basketball team?) of future missionaries is one of our precious mission blessings

We now have eight granddaughters and seven grandsons

The two hardest things are:

Not being home to help out

Getting a picture of all fifteen grandchildren (or at least of the five boys)!


George and Eva Ross said...

Congratulations! It is tough being a long distance grandmother. Just think of the blessing your family is receiving with nice healthy grandsons. Thanks so much for sharing!
Fondest regards,
Sister Ross

marie-jo.v said...

What marvelous blessings!
Thank you for sharing with us.

Dave and Tauna said...

What beautiful grandchildren. Congratulations!

kellie_dayton said...

What sweet little kids. I only can imagine how hard it is to be away for all of their births. However, because of your sacrifice as well as your childrens, our missionary sons are being so blessed by you, as well as the people of the West Indies. We will all be forever grateful. Thanks to you and your family. Those are some mighty beautiful grandchildren!