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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A perfect day in St Vincent

We have been serving our mission for almost two and a half years now and have not taken time to see many of the beauties of the West Indies. So we are trying to spend a few hours here and there with the senior couples and share their favorite sights. Today we drove with the Hattons to see a little of St Vincent and then got to finish the day with a baptism in the sea - perfect!

Driving in St Vincent is scenic but challenging

Sister Hatton told me that Elder Hatton has been in the ditch four times during their mission - just like this poor car we passed!

We passed gorgeous vistas and little hidden beaches

Our first stop was Wallilabou Bay - where Pirates of the Carribean was filmed. Do you recognize this distinctive rock from the first movie?

We stopped to see the Layou petroglyphs - aren't they amazing? I have seen petroglyphs all over the West Indies and in Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah - all of them very similar - so odd.

We passed a long wooden waterpipe stretching for miles.

Elder Hatton called this leak the 'drive by car wash'

Our final stop was Dark View Falls - gorgeous!

To get there we had to cross this bamboo bridge

Sister Hatton is a pro

We climbed through a bamboo forest

Until we caught our first glimpse of the falls

It was definitely worth the effort

I was surprised when the Hattons said there were even more falls up above. We hiked up and were rewarded by this

We returned in time to clean up for the baptism.

Elder Rosales showed Isaiah (who wants to be baptized) how a missionary prepares

The baptism was held at a beautiful little hidden cove.

To the beach we go

Led by Elder McNeal

With Elder Williamson all ready to capture the moment

Elder Hatton found a friend

Clair Primus and her daughters Camille and Akelia were baptized

This is a fun picture - those about to be baptized with some of the newest members of the church (baptized within the past few weeks)

One of the newly baptized is 19 year old David who is looking towards serving a mission

Into the water

Hurrah for Israel!

Every new member needs a friend

The newest Saints in St Vincent

Don't they look happy?

Of course the day ended with another glorious St Vincent sunset

Wouldn't you love to join this family in the sea?

The Hattons definitely know how to show visitors a great time!


JER said...

awesome... they do look so happy... a great reminder of how much happiness a life in Christ brings

Anonymous said...

These Pictures of St. Vincent are incredible,, So are the Hattons, and yes they are great tour guides, as we were treated to some of the beauty of St. Vincent. But we lost our Pictures from there.
So Thanks for posting these.