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Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Reunion

The fine West Indies returned missionaries gathered from Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, California and all over Utah to Provo to be part of our 'homecoming' yesterday. They filled the chapel (stake center) and the entire overflow area. Our poor home ward didn't know what happened to them!

The young elders and couples were invited to come front and sing "Called to Serve" as the intermediate hymn. It was an unforgettable experience to hear close to 100 returned missionaries sing together!

We had a wonderful visit with the missionaries and friends before and after church.

It was just a little crowded, but very very fun

Our grandbaby twins found plenty of eager grandparents

(the Farrers)

This reminds me of the mission home - the elders always took off their shoes at the door - and they still do. What fine young men!

This is another reminder of mission life - President Robison and President Dunn (first counselor in the mission presidency during our first year and a half) used to spend many hours counseling together.

There was plenty of hugging and handshaking going on

(Sister Leavitt)

(Elder Atwood and Elder Leavitt)

My husband and I stationed ourselves at the front door so we could see everyone

(Elder Young)

We were surprised and excited to be able to meet quite a few families of elders currently serving in the West Indies

(the Findlays - I expect that his FOUR beautiful sisters keep him in line)

We loved meeting many of the newest members of the WIRM family - wives and fianc├ęs. Here are two:

(the Crofts along with Elder Heslop who will be married to Jamie tomorrow!)

Here is what was really fun - most of the elders still look the same - happy, shiny faced and good

(Elder Jenkins)

(Elder Allen - who came all the way from California)

Les Francais!


Jenny said...

Awesome! That was cool seeing such a turnout.

Dave and Tauna said...

What a great day!

Elder Ed and Sister Joyce Collins said...

Even saw a lot of people that we know--so fun! The song at your farewell by the returned missionaries must have been spectacular in person. Again, thanks for continuing to share. Sure do love you two!

ModelDrink said...

Super blog :)

Intive me.