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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guyana Travels

I love Guyana and I want to share its charm with you!

Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America. The church is growing rapidly. The people are sweet, the land is majestic, and the culture is fascinating.

Tuesday we traveled from Parimaribo, Suriname to New Amsterdam, Guyana. We flew from Suriname to Guyana on a plane chartered weekly by local gold miners (about 1 hour) and then drove across Guyana to New Amsterdam (about 3 hours).

Here are some images of the journey:

To the plane

Tight fit

Elder Walker being his friendly self

It was a smooth flight (not always so). We landed in Guyana where Elder and Sister White (wonderful missionary couple) were waiting for us. I caught this shot in the fountain in front of the airport. You've heard about a dogpile, right? This is a 'frogpile' enjoying a cool shower

So - off we go with the assistants in the mission van

But first a stop at a 'snackette' for a quick treat

Remember - you divide by 20 to get to USD

Then we hit the road

Here are a few sights along the way

Three little fishermen (I hope whatever is stored in the pump station is safe)

Children on their way to school (hiding from the sun under their umbrellas)

Transfiguration Church - the blue open structure on the roof is where they say Jesus will enter when he comes again - really! They are certainly ready

I think He is more interested in this building

No - this is not the missionary's apartment

Interesting towns

Poor houses

Sugar cane

Can you tell we are in South America?

Driving in Guyana is crazy. I've heard couples say it's like playing one of those wild video game where you bounce around avoiding enemies. Here are some shots out the van window:

Quick stop (on the road) for a snack

After 3 hours of driving we made it to the ferry to cross the Berbice River - where the Whites planned to drop us off. But when we got there men were racing towards us saying "lunch, lunch!" (we thought). "We have already had lunch", we replied politely until we realized they were saying "launch, launch," referring to the other smaller boat that crosses the river. The ramp was broken so the ferry wasn't running. They were taxi drivers wanting to take us to the "launch". So we climbed back in the van and drove a few miles down the road and waited for the "launch".

Elder Heslop being his friendly self as we wait for the launch (not lunch)

Here it comes!

On the launch

And we are there!

Another wonderful missionary couple, the Bullocks, picked us up at the dock and drove us to our hotel. The next day, after President Robison interviewed the fine Canje and Berbice Elders, we did the whole thing again in reverse.

We are having Zone Conference in Georgetown tomorrow with all the Guyana Elders. President Johnson, our area president, will be there.

Hurrah for Guyana!

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Larry Myers said...

Thanks so very much, Sister Robison, for this great look at our future home! It was great to enjoy the adventure vicariously. Hugs, The Myers