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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Zone Leader Council - day two

We began a fast Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we drove as far as we could up Mount St Benedict and then hiked the rest of the way.

We asked the Elders to climb reverently and think about the experience of 'ascending'.

The spot at the top was perfect. The Elders sat quietly for a few moments, pondering the experience.

We could see other peaks in the distance - a reminder that, even though the work is going very well, there are more mountains to climb.

We could look down upon the people of Trinidad and catch a small glimpse of what our Father may see

We explored the Lord's pattern of leadership training as we read the experiences of Moses on the top of a high mountain (Exodus 3-4 - "who made man's mouth?" and Moses 1 - "I have a work for thee... my son").

It was a perfect few moments

Of course, we sang "High on a Mountain Top" led by Elder Ritchey

and took a fine group picture

and had a little fun before climbing down

We spent the rest of the day in our traditional 'best practices' session where each Zone Leader team shared what is working best. There is great power in this positive practice.

Elders Jenkins and Shideler talked about the "funnel" (graph of key indicators)

We closed the day with a powerful testimony meeting and 'family' prayer.

The Elders wore us out - but we love Zone Leader Council

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Karenin said...

i showed sylie the pictures and she kept saying "silly ninos" (which means silly kids) she loved watching the elders eat the pizza.
also, i love the picture of you and reid (it is a nice one to frame)