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Monday, June 23, 2008

Suriname Zone Conference

We had zone conference today and I think we wore the Elders out!

But it was great.

We talked and talked about commitments, dispensations, apostasy, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon from 8:30 AM until lunch at 1:30 and then President Robison took the Elders aside and talked some more.

They are great young men - so dedicated and obedient.

I just know the work in Suriname is going to explode. They are doing well now but there is incredible potential there for building the church and moving towards having a stake.

Here are a few pictures (it may seem like all I take pictures of is food - but that is when I have a break and can grab my camera!):

This is the most fantastic lunch in all the mission - Indonesian food made by the Salijos. These are just the starters!

The first time I has zone conference lunch in Suriname I made the mistake of thinking the starters were the entire meal. Now I know there is always something wonderful to follow. This time we had Saoto Soup

The missionaries love it!


JER said...

post the recipe for that soup!
was it good...?
nice helmet... any idea if that man wants to join in on a future ebay biz?

Diane said...

I love all of your pictures of the food. I'm always interested to see what my son is eating. Thanks for all the great posts!

LaNae said...

I just received an email from my son who said how wonderful the conference was. He said he learned so much. Thanks for all the time you give. It was good to see him in the photos and that he got such good things to eat.

Amanda & Aaron said...

Saoto soup is absolutely delicios. I still have dreams about it. Can't wait to go back and try some.