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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Zone Leader Council - day one

"High on a Mountain Top"

"Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?
He that hath clean hands and a pure heart"

(Psalms 24:2-3)

This is the theme of the Zone Leader Council we held for the past two days. It was a wonderful experience. Here are a few thoughts and images:

What does a Zone Leader do?

A pair of zone leaders care for ten to sixteen missionaries - sometimes scattered among multiple countries.

What is Zone Leader Council?
We were asked the train the Zone Leaders as often as possible. The nature of this mission (travel and expense) make it very difficult to pull them all together but we have managed to do it four times in the past two years. Each time we have had a very special experience. Our latest council, held at the beginning of February, was built around an experience at the 'waters of Mormon' (our title - it's actually called Maracas) waterfall and it resulted in 213 people coming to the waters of baptism the following month (by far the highest we have ever seen).

What is the best thing about Zone Leader Council?

Associating with strong, diligent, pure young men.

What is the hardest thing?

Keeping them fed!

The theme for this council was "Who Shall Ascend" from Psalms 24:3. The idea of mountains was woven throughout the meetings and we had a very sacred experience studying scriptures together on the top of a mountain in Trinidad.

I have created two blog posts with a few pictures and thoughts on what we did. I put all of the best pictures in this picasa web album. You can easily download photos if you like.

We wore those Elders out! They started arriving early Tuesday morning. The poor Guyana and Suriname Elders had to get up at 2:00 AM to travel to the airport and catch their flights. We ordered them to take naps.

Most of them obeyed

The first day was spent training on skills: analyzing data (did you know your sons are learning to be statisticians?), refining reporting systems, as well as discussions on how to handle conflicts and 'crucial conversations.' As a break, the Assistants planned a fun(ny) game to illustrate vision and mentoring - blindfold kickball. One Elder out of each companionship wore a blindfold (ties are so handy!) and had to do everything except catch the ball. His 'seeing' companion coached him to kick, throw, run, etc.

Can you imagine a few hilarious moments?

Elder Jenkins running the bases

Elders Walker and Heslop figuring out a way to work as a team

Elder Doumbia's blindfolded home run!

Elder Parrish's mighty defense

Celebration - French speaking Elders Hanson and Williams

At the end of the day we wound down by analyzing leadership in "Twelve Angry Men"

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wow. i wish my zone conferences were that exciting.