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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canje District Conferences

The orange circle shows the area of the Canje District. There are six branches:
  • Bushlot is towards Georgetown and is the newest branch in the district
  • Rosignal is on the east side of the Berbice River
  • New Amsterdam is just across the river
  • Canje has a nice church built building
  • Rose Hall is further east
  • Crabwood Creek is the furthest east - just across the river from Suriname
There are two zones of missionaries - Canje and Berbice

Today we split the District Conference into two sessions because the ferry across the river has been very slow and unreliable lately.

We started with conference on the east side of the river in a large school auditorium.

About 350 people were there (I think that is me, speaking, in the far far distance)

after conference

How do the Canje saints travel home from conference?

by bicycle (Travis and Travis Jr.)

by truck

President Robison climbed in

off they go

oops - forgot someone

After the morning session we went to the ferry to cross the river for the afternoon session. We drove up just as they were locking the gates. The assistants talked and talked and got us in - something the Bullocks (missionary couple serving there) had never seen before. If we hadn't gotten on that ferry, we would have been late to conference.

Sister Bullock and I decided it was a 'green' day

Elder Bullock and President Robison wanted us to know that their outfits were matching too

Elders McDaniel and Williamson with President Mohenlal (counselor in the District Presidency - I KNOW I spelled that wrong) stood guard over our stuff

The Rosignal building where we held the afternoon session

Two hundred chairs fit in and they were all full by the time conference started

Beautiful Canje saints

check out the nifty tie

These sisters are from Bushlot. Their ages range from 15 to 10. Cecelee, second from the right, gave a fabulous talk in conference on baptism ending with "if you want to go to the celestial kingdom, get baptized!" I leaned over to President Robison and said, "seminary is really preparing these young people." I found out later that she is only 11!

By the end of two conferences (six hours) with no AC, I was way past feeling good about having my appearance recorded forever, but a few families really wanted pictures

We held one more leadership training session and then off we went - back to Georgetown.

Elder McDaniel deftly drove us past cows, ducks, children, donkeys, dogs, bicycles....

Refreshing reward for our long but wonderful day - a stunning (and typically Guyana) sunset sky

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Dave and Tauna said...

Thank you for the map and the info on the branches. I haven't been able to find a very detailed map on the internet. Also you and Sister Bullock are adorable in your green shirts.