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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday in Georgetown Guyana

We had zone conference this morning with half the Guyana missionaries. They are a big impressive group!

The gate to the church was locked so I got to watch them arrive in the rain one by one and wait in their bright white shirts.

The group was quiet but thoughtful today and many told me they had 'ah ha' moments as they took their questions to the scriptures.

We had a fine musical number from Elders Young, Clark, Richardson, and Vernes and led by the talented Elder Ritchey

Here is our group shot. We couldn't find a nice tree of life to stand by as in Suriname. If fact, we couldn't even find a single tree on the church property - so sad.

They are far away so here is a closer look

Aren't they sharp?

And here are the wonderful couples (plus a couple of Trinis in the middle)

Langfords (CES), Larsons (proselyting, Diamond), Robisons, Tanners (humanitarian, sadly going home very soon), Evans (proselyting and management, Georgetown)

The elders reviewed area books after conference

Elders Fisher, Carlson, Williams, and Brenkmann

Elders McDaniel, Sarager, Ritchey, and Harris

Elders Tupou, Falatau, Richardson, Nestegard, Williamson, Vaia (back) and ? (back)

This activity always seems to disintegrate into manly push up contests

Elder Nestegard dazzling the group with a long series of one armed push ups

Elder Findlay assisted by Elder Vaia managed one of these

Packages arrived. So fun!

These new boots?

They're 'made for walkin' - in Guyana as the rainy season begins

Elder Carlson and Fisher

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