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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday (Dec 10) in Martinique

We had big challenges getting the French zone conferences done. If you read the Suriname post you know that the French Guiana elders, who travel to Suriname by car, canoe and taxi to get to zone conference, couldn't come this time. There was a gasoline price strike going on that closed the roads. We got a call on Tuesday, while we were in St Lucia, informing us that Guadeloupe was now striking and it would be impossible to travel in or bring the elders together for conference. We decided to go ahead with our planned flight to Martinique, where President Robison was going to set apart a new missionary, and at least have zone conference with the four elders serving their, since none of us could fly into Guadeloupe.

It was a fun little conference. Every elder was Tahitian so we had it in French. My French is so so - President Robison's is great.

Here is a little miracle that took place to make the conference special

When we checked into our Martinique hotel, we asked if we could stay an extra night because of our changed travel plans. They said they were booked full but would see what they could do. We finished the paperwork and they handed us the keys to room 715

Here is what I saw when I went to open our door

Hmmmm - which one is ours?

When we went inside we realized that they had given us a two room suite and the second room was perfectly set up for a zone conference with exactly six places to sit

Here we are - having our Tahitian/French zone conference

Elders Maihota, Taerea, Pahio, and Temarono

President Robison found the perfect lunch at a place across the street - they had sandwiches with three hamburger patties plus fries and a drink - all for our $5 per person budget. I think we filled them up

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