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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday (Dec 11) in Guadeloupe

Another little miracle occurred so that the Guadeloupe zone conference could happen. We stayed an extra day in Martinique because of a gasoline strike in Guadeloupe that closed the roads. We planned to skip the Guadeloupe conference and fly straight to St Martin to at least meet with the four missionaries there but Wednesday night we got a call saying that it looked like the strike would be ending that night. Poor Sister Collins who handles travel in the office got a late night call requesting new flights. Just as that was being done we got another call saying the contract ending the strike wasn't actually signed yet - so did we still want to come? We decided to risk it, got the flights and flew in Thursday morning. Yes - the strike ended and we made it! But as we were walking out of the airport we saw a huge pile of luggage carts barricading the main door. We asked what it was and were told - "That is for the security strike that begins next week." We felt blessed to slip in and out between strikes. The elders had to scramble to get to the church but we were able to have our conference and it was amazing! There was a very special spirit among the French elders.

Look how happy they are!

Zone Leaders Elder Williams and Tycksen

Elders Kelly, Neff and Garotta

Elder and Sister Colling

Elders Biver, Ison, and Snow

Elder Julian and the Gamiettes (1st counselor in the mission presidency)

Elders Catherine, Roberts and Jones

Elders Macintosh and Wright with President Robison

Nice ties, eh?

The Guadeloupe Elders (with their mini version of the tree of life)

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