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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Final Island Zone Conference


We have been rotating through the Preach my Gospel topics of planning, study, finding, committing, and teaching during our entire mission. It was nice that this final tour's topic happened to be study. That is what President Robison and I like to teach the very best. We love the doctrines of the Gospel and feel that as the elders learn them and teach them, the work rolls forward rapidly.

I have a personal motto for West Indies missionaries - they can teach anyone, anything, anyplace, anytime!

The assistants (Elder Hamilton and Elder Jones) taught about studying the doctrines and using companion study time to role-play how to teach them in order to help people make and keep committments

President Robison and I purposely kept our time in zone conference open so that we could address the elders' most important questions and together as a group search for the doctrines in the scriptures, that if understood, would answer them.

It was a wonderful experience.

At the end of our discussion President Robison had each missionary bear his or her testimony.

We loved hearing from them. They are amazing!

Here are a few glimpses of our day in St Lucia with the elders from Grenada, St Vincent, St Lucia, and Martinique

We started with a picture of the entire Island Zone plus the elders from Martinique

Then they got to work - STUDYING

with a little help from their friends

This is for you - moms and dads - a picture of each missionary, nice and close

Elder Endemann and Moala

Elder White and Montgomery

Elder West and Anihia

Elder Tevero and Carlson

Elder Ash and DeMasters

Zone Leaders - Elder Fisher and Cronin

Grenada group - Elder Owens, the Rasmussens and Elder Sarager

We will miss the Hattons!

This is their last zone conference (but wait! they are our neighbors at home so we will see them lots :)

After the conference we had a fabulous lunch as usual

Can you believe how healthy these elders will be after eating the chef salads Sister Collins and Faux organized?

They just had to balance out all that good green stuff with naughty naughty cakes

Sister Collins

Sister Faux

Then it was time to say good bye to these wonderful missionaries

Farewell and Hurrah for Israel!

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