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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trinidad Zone Conference

We finished the April/May mission tour in Trinidad today.

After doing this six times...

we've seen quite a bit of planning practice

It's impressive

The assistants came up with yet another interesting object lesson - this time it was a four man push up that required using all the 'tools'

After one failed attempt and then a little planning - the elders showed us their coordinated strength

Elder Cottam got a nice surprise when Elder Gossai arrived from Guyana towards the end of zone conference. Elder Gossai is on his way to the Dominican Republic MTC to prepare to serve as a WEST INDIES MISSIONARY! Elder Cottam worked with him while serving in Guyana and said, "He is awesome!"

President Robison set New Elder Gossai apart at the end of the conference

After conference I got busy helping with lunch

So I handed off my camera to the assistants and sent them outside with all the missionaries under 'orders' to take pictures.

Here are the results - not bad at all

Prospective missionaries

Elders Cromwell, Bryan and Romney

Tobago - Elder Ross, Elders Barton and Jarvis (brand new), and Sister Ross

Elders Holmstead, White, Payne and Vance

Elders Jailall, Jones, Williams, Hickenlooper, Stratton, Nielsen, Thomas, Kippins, Noah and Jackson (his last transfer!)

Elders Westover, Bryan, Cronin, Cromwell, McNeal and Thomas

Elders Sookram, Jones (up), Romney (down) and Cottam

Elders Kippins, Jailall, McNeal and Stratton

Pretty Elders Jones, Barton and Williams

Happy Elders Cronin and McNeal

Can you believe these two will be serving together on Tobago next transfer?

Elders Jarvis and Jones - they will certainly be memorable

Elders Thomas and Thomas - not serving together but that would be fun

The couples, headed up by Sister Green, provided a fabulous lunch of Cafe Rio style pork salads. What a treat! Mexican food is impossible to find in Trinidad.

Patiently waiting?

Much happier now

So - what do the elders do when zone conference is all done?

upload pictures for my last (and final) slideshow (usually they do it during interviews)

chat with President Robison

collect supplies

and best of all - collect mail!

then pack up and head out to work - all charged up for the next six weeks

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susie said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution you have made to the mission and the parents of the Elders there. I love checking on this blog and hope I don't have withdrawl when you return home. I would like to know when you will be speaking in your home ward back in the states. I don't mean to sound 'trunky' or start tears but want you to know how much our Elder loves you guys and how much we appreciate all you have done. Love Susan Bryan