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Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally on the French Side




We haven't been in Guadeloupe since December!

A lengthy strike made it impossible for us to come to the island and eventually the missionaries had to be moved out. They returned about a month ago.

So, yesterday we got to have zone conference here - it's so nice to be back!

Elders Snow and Jones uplifted us with a voice and harmonica musical number

A few brave elders volunteered to help with the assistants' lesson

Volunteering can be dangerous

Elder Neff - (the one-armed wheelbarrow) illustrated what happens when you don't use all your planning tools

"Grandpa" McDaniel (he's been assistant a loooong time) showed how planning is done

Elders Nelson (brand new), Jones, and Olsen (brand new)

Elders Copa (brand new) and Roberts

Elders Krause (brand new) and Snow

Elders Olsen (brand new) and Catherine (at his very last zone conference)

Can you believe how many new elders there are? There are five!

This is an interesting story - Elder Neff got called as a brand new zone leader 10 minutes before the conference started. He stepped right up and did a great job conducting

Zone Leaders - Elders Wright and Neff

Here are the elders of Guadeloupe and St Martin

Elders Krause, Snow, Wright, Neff, Julian, and Heiner

St Martin Elders Kelly, Larson, Vogel, and Sylvester

Elders Catherine, Olsen, Copa, Roberts, Jones, Nelson

French lunch - the best bread in the West Indies!

New elders Heiner and Copa after zone conference - impressive!

"...truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out mine elect from the four quarters of the earth..." (Moses 7:62)

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