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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dallin's West Indies facts

We got the following email yesterday from our daughter-in-law Lisa (who happens to be expecting identical twin future missionaries!). I thought you might like to read some of the things she and her oldest son, Dallin discovered about the West Indies (with a few of my pictures and comments in green):

Here is the West Indies researcher - Dallin - our oldest grandson (9) and 'world traveler' standing in front of the Pitons of St. Lucia (his goal is to visit 10 countries before he is 10)

From Sept 08

(the May 2005 issue of Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine named St. Lucia and the Pitons as one of the "Five Places to see in Your Lifetime")

Dallin and I are spending our Friday night playing with his electronic globe. We are having fun learning fun facts about the places you visit on your mission. We wanted to email you the amazing facts that we learn. You probably know most of these.

- Trinidad and Tobago- They have a taxi called a maxi taxi that seats up to 25 people

That is what the elders ride - here's a picture of Elder Cotton and Elder Endemann in a maxi
From Sept 08

- Martinique- The 1902 volcanic eruption is considered the worst in that century

The eruption was from Mt Pelee - seen in the distance

From Sept 08

Mt Pelee is where the two missionaries, Elder Gray and Elder Swain, were lost for three days last December
From Sept 08

We hiked part of Mt Pelee - and it was NOT easy.

Here is what the path looks like

From Sept 08

Proof that I made it at least part way
From Sept 08

Because of the volcano, the sand at the beach nearby is black

From Sept 08

- Grenada- 2nd smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere

I have posted lots about Grenada lately

- Suriname- pipa pipa . . . flat tongueless frog that only lives in suriname

I haven't seen that one - but we have frogs of all shapes and sizes in the West Indies - and some of them are extremely noisy
From Sept 08

From Sept 08

- Guyana- they have water falls 5x higher than Niagara falls (you have been there!)

Yes - Kaieteur Falls is the longest single drop waterfall in the world. You have to fly in on a small plane from Georgetown for an hour and a half over beautiful rivers and rain forest.

Here we are with the Dunns and Lockharts
(missionary couples who have finished their service). Bob Evans of Fox News fame took this shot and said it looked like the place coca-cola was invented.
From Sept 08

- St. Lucia- Has the worlds only drive in volcano

We've been there - stinky but interesting
From Sept 08

The best part is a hot stream flowing near the volcano with the strangest softest black mud - full of all kinds of minerals. Rubbing it on your skin makes it softer than anything else I have ever experienced - really!

From Sept 08

Here are Dallin's parents enjoying the 'treatment'
From Sept 08

- French Guiana- Largest spider in the world . . .the bird eating spider. Dallin wants to know if you have seen one

I haven't found that spider yet - but I will look for one (right)

If you dare - take a look at a few spiders the elders have found

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Dallin says, "Some of those spiders are really big!"