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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quiet but busy

That describes our day today.

We start the next zone conference tour Sunday so we are in busy final preparation mode. Fortunately this week has been pretty clear of commitments.

Last night we had dinner with two missionary couples - the Leavitts (serving Trinidad and soon to go home) and the couple they recruited - the Bullocks (serving in Guyana but in Trinidad for a few days). We cooked 'plenty beef' for the Bullocks since they can't get it clear out in Berbice.
From Sept 08

Elders Leavitt and Bullock played football together a few years ago at BYU, and do they ever have stories to tell!
From Sept 08

At the end of the evening, Amanda Etwaroo arrived to be set apart for her mission to Sango Domingo East. She lives in Kitty, Guyana and has been a member of the church for six years.
From Sept 08

This morning we studied from Preach my Gospel and the scriptures with Amanda - or Sister Etwaroo I should say. As we discussed how the scriptures would open up to her (D&C 76:5-10, JSH 74), she expressed her deep desire to serve a mission and told us how special her setting apart experience felt last night. She said, "Now I can never deny that Heavenly Father is real and that Joseph Smith is a prophet." She will be a fabulous missionary. I wish we could keep her - but sadly there are no young sister missionaries in the West Indies Mission - yet!

After Amanda left, we got back to work

planning a lesson on 'finding'
From Sept 08

and creating the next slideshow
From Sept 08

Doris took good care of us. She picked two huge buckets of oranges from our tree and squeezed plenty of fresh juice to rev us up for all the travel ahead
From Sept 08

From Sept 08

Here is a little news - but I won't give details yet (so certain elders can email their parents first). President Robison called two additonal assistants to serve as 'traveling assistants' in Guyana. We are excited about this. Guyana has the largest group of missionaries and the most baptisms of any area in the mission. Almost forty young missionaries serve in Guyana and we only get to see them every six weeks. These two wonderful and experienced missionaries will have their own area but will also travel around and help train other missionaries. They just started yesterday and on their very first day they helped baptize three people!

Here is the upcoming zone conference schedule:

Sept 15 - Suriname (0n a Monday so email day will be Tuesday)
Sept 17 - Canje/Berbice
Sept 19 - Georgetown/Diamond
Sept 23 - Trinidad
Sept 26 - French
Sept 30 - Island

We will be learning together about finding people to teach (PMG chapter 9) , and the first part of the plan of salvation lesson - pre-earth life, the creation, and the fall.


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