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Friday, September 12, 2008

This Blog

It was another zone conference preparation day. The slideshow is done, I think, but I won't post it until after I show it a few times and make sure there are no problems - probably a week from Monday when we get back from Guyana and Suriname. The theme is the Book of Mormon. Here is a preview photo of Elder Riding in Suriname - one of my favorites
From Sept 08

Here's some interesting info on this blog

It averages 90-100 visitors per day

People from the following countries visited this blog during the past 30 days:

United States
United Kingdom
Burkina Faso (Africa)
South Africa

I am curious about our visitors. For example, there have been 18 visits from Hangzhou, China this month. I would love to know more about international visitors - why don't you leave a comment and let us know who you are. I wonder if some of you are grandparents of West Indies missionaries out in the world serving missions of your own.

I think this is a good place to connect with parents and other people interested in the West Indies Mission. I will look for ways to make this easier to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Im an american living in China for a couple of months. I have told all of my english speaking friends about the church. Only a few websites are not blocked here, obviously this is one that isnt! Im glad to hear there is interest and it is being looked at! I suggested it to many friends!

Pieter said...

Dear Sister Robison!

Your website is fantastic and there isn't a day going by without looking for any updates. I travel around Europe for work and meet with many members and tell them about our son's mission in the WIM and the great site you have made. In the meantime I created and maintain a blog for our son and copied some of the pictures that you took of him, since we did not receive any pictures yet from our son. Anyway keep up this great and marvelous work!

susie said...

Sister Robison; I want to thank you for the great connection to the WIM as our son is serving there. He is our 4th missionary and we have enjoyed the missions of our other sons, but having your blog has made Elder Bryans mission experience so much more real and personal to us. I have been inspired by your stories of the mission and the people, most of which have nothing to do with our son at the moment, but totally uplifting and reassuring of the great work that is being done. Thank you,and keep up the great work for the whole world it sounds like. :) Susan Bryan

Christa said...

Dear Sister Robison, I love reading your weblog, so I never let a day go by without reading it. I live in the Netherlands and my son is one of your wonderful missionaries, Elder Swart. Thank you for all your stories and pictures, and of course the slideshow. We're looking forward to the next one. You'll be in Surinam this Monday for zone conference....please tell our son that we are so proud of him and that we love him. Thank you both for looking after all these great missionaries! Christa Slier

Anonymous said...

Dear Sister Robison,
We really love your website and visit it a lot. It feels so good to read all these wonderfull inspiring stories and makes us think more about what we can do here in the Netherlands to keep the work going. We also keep Eldere Koenens blog who is serving in Suriname. Sometimes I use one of your pictures for his blog. It's www.elderkoenen.blogspot.com you could take a look, but a little warning, it's in Dutch!
Thanks again,

Lilian Feith

JP said...

We are the Price Family - Americans living in Switzerland. We are Adam Lang's cousins and noticed Switzerland was not listed as one of the countries so I'm glad to add it! We have a blog www.tjprice.blogspot.com and on there we have a map that shows our visitor locations with a map. It's cool to see where people visit from.

dr di said...

Welcome from Switzerland and thanks for the map tip. I just added one to this blog.

Sister Robison