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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are in Canje

We traveled from Suriname to Canje, Guyana yesterday and will be having zone conference today and a missionary fireside tonight. I'll take plenty of pictures and try to get them posted. The internet is unreliable and slow here but I will try.

I just got this note from a blog follower in the Netherlands (took out the names).

Dear Sister Robison,

Sorry for using your eMail adress, but I cannot post a comment on your weblog. This is what I wrote:

Thank you for providing the possibiliy to read a lot about the WIM. You missed a country in your list. The Netherlands! I follow your website daily to read about the WIM.

I am an acquaintance of ....I am an investigator here in Holland. I discussed a lot with... prior to his mission. So it's nice to be able to follow him.

I want to thank you for putting the homework for the missionaries on the internet. I will study the same in the meantime. I asked the Elders here for a copy of the Bookof Mormon and printed "Preach My Gospel" from the internet. So I can "join" your teaching. Thanks again for providing that possibility.

I wish you and your husband all the best.

I am so glad that many of you are enjoying the blog. My goal is to connect you with the mission and to share the gospel in any way I can. Please share any ideas you have on how to make this better - questions I can answer? information I can share?

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sharon platt said...

We love the blog and the way it helps us know what the rest of the mission is doing. You are doing great job, Sister Robison. Thank you so much.
E/S Platt