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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The "French Side"

(note - I am in Guadeloupe and couldn't get video clips to upload. I will add them in a few days)

That's what we call the French speaking missionaries who serve in Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin, and French Guiana. Elders in French Guiana attend the Suriname zone conference. The others join together in Guadeloupe every six weeks. We had a great conference with them on Friday. They are the 'fine gentlemen' of the mission who started the tradition of wearing crisp, clean long-sleeved white shirts to zone conference.

Don't they look great?
From Sept 08

From Sept 08

Here they are bit by bit
From Sept 08

From Sept 08

From Sept 08

From Sept 08

They're not being irreverent here - we do lots practice in zone conferences. Here the missionaries are planning a short doctrinal lesson to help strengthen members and bring the spirit before asking for a referral.
From Sept 08

We use what is called the 'training model'


Sometimes explaining gets really fun - here the assistants are explaining how important it is for members to trust missionaries.

From Sept 08


From Sept 08

From Sept 08



The Tahitian Elders sing like big strong angels

Lunch is always wonderful on the French side.
From Sept 08

The elders sang a 'thank you' to Soeur Monluis for fixing the lunch.
video here

Sadly, this is the Malmrose's last zone conference. They served an incredibly effective mission on the "French side" and blessed the lives of many many people.

Happily, the Collings are here to continue the Malmrose's great work. They are an amazing couple who learned French during their previous mission in France. They are ready to get to work!

What do we do after zone conference?

Clean up

Set up

Have a little fun

et dites 'au revoir'

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