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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A BIG Guyana Zone Conference

All the missionaries in Guyana gathered in one place to hear from Elder Vinas, of the Caribbean Area Presidency today. I wasn't able to take many pictures but here is the big group shot we took after the conference:

I know - your son's faces are tiny dots - so here are a few more closely cropped glimpses:

These are a few pictures I took yesterday in the hotel lobby while the elders were waiting to be interviewed by President Robison:

This is the room where President Robison did his interviews - appropriate, isn't it?

Jomo Green (on the left) is working the reception desk - he is a WIRM!

One last picture. This is Elder Bishop. President Robison once told him that he was so nice that he couldn't hurt a fly. Elder Bishop wants to prove him wrong (that's a flyswatter in his backpack) but with that kind expression on his face I don't believe it for a minute.

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Marcinelle said...

Our son, Elder Fielding Sarager, always looks so happy in these pictures. Thank you Pres. and Sister Robison for leading this mission so well that it is a joy to serve the Lord!