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Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Slideshow

Hurrah for Israel!

This is exciting (at least for me it is) - you can now watch the WIM slideshows in fullscreen version. Just click on the icon in the lower right corner of the movie window (it will appear when you put your cursor on the movie).

*note - I am still trying to upload a clearer full screen version.

If you want to download a small version of this slideshow you can go to the gallery by clicking here

Put the cursor over the movie and a menu will pop out from the left side. Click on 'save' and then 'web'.

Let me know if this works!

If you don't know what 'Hurrah for Israel' means - look here

Hurrah! Dallin and Amanda liked it (grandchildren :)

Music from this slideshow:

"Oh Israel" - Greg Simpson, EFY 2003
"I Hope the Call me on a Mission" - Marvin Goldstein
"Hurrah for Israel" - group, EFY 2008


Angela said...

Sis Robison,
Could you possibly list the name of the music you use for the slideshows? I love the music but I don't recognize who it is. Thanks!

Sis. Schroath

marie-jo.v said...

Hello Sister Robison,
I try writing in English, thank you for the slideshow, it's really good in fullscreen.
Hurrah for Israel!

Spencer and Emily Nelson family said...

What a beautiful slideshow! I loved the music and all the inspiring pictures. It makes me excited for the time when my boys will serve a mission. I love getting a small glimpse of what Ray's mission is like. Thanks!
(Elder Lauritzen's sister)

Dave and Tauna said...

Sister Robision,
Thank you for another great slideshow. We loved it! You are amazing.

Mark said...

Sister Robison,
You are the greatest!! I love watching the slideshows since I'm home. It is great to see that amazing things are still happening in the West Indies.

(former Elder Dumouchel)

Joseph and Chelsie Campbell said...

Sister Robison-
Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting these slideshows together and this wonderful blog!! I am Elder Huntsman's sister and seeing his huge smile in all of those pictures from the October slideshow just brought the most happy tears to my eyes!! What an amazing blessing for you all to be in such a BEAUTIFUL place! Enjoy a wonderful week and thank you again!

Chelsie Campbell

Annette said...

I love the slideshows, they are so inspiring. I share them with all the extended family so they too can get a feeling of the mission experiences that my son is enjoying. It brings me great comfort to see the successes and to see the happiness on the faces of the recent converts. Thanks so much. These are the best.

Sister Ash (Elder Carson Ash's mom)

Brycen said...

Sister Robison, Thank you for the slideshows. They brighten up my day, and make me want to come back, which reminds me. Is that Elder Balling at the end of this slideshow? Did he just leave the mish? I remember flying with him from the MTC to Trinidad.

Brycen BECK