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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zone Leader Council - Day One

The mission home is a busy place right now.
From Oct 08 ZL Council

Twenty-three missionaries (zone leaders and assistants) are here for Zone Leader Council.

They gathered by car, plane, and canoe (Elder Williams from French Guiana). One group (Elders Tycksen and Garrett) missed connections in St Lucia and got to stay at a fancy hotel overnight. They still arrived in time for the first session.

From Oct 08 ZL Council

From Oct 08 ZL Council

From Oct 08 ZL Council

We started our session Tuesday afternoon with a message from the Assistants.

First, they took care of business in their rarely seen suits.
From Oct 08 ZL Council

Then they had some fun as Elder Williamson ripped off his shirt to make a title of liberty (don't worry - he had another very proper shirt and tie underneath)
From Oct 08 ZL Council

From Oct 08 ZL Council

Here's what the title of liberty says (waved by Elder Lauritzen)

Desire to baptize weekly

Work work work

From Oct 08 ZL Council

We took an outdoor break organized by the assistants just before dinner. Four missionaries had to hold three pieces of rope in a line and, without letting go, they had to tie a simple knot in the middle rope. The key, that the elders had to discover, was to visualize themselves as one long piece of rope.

The end goal
From Oct 08 ZL Council

Ready to start

Huddle up and plan

Figuring it out

a little help from friends

The winners - Elders Sturdevant, Fox, Sorber and Jestice tied the first knot!

"We did it too!"

The pros

As each group figured it out, they has to share what they learned in one sentence.

A highlight was the pot roast dinner provided by the Collins and Colemans - especially for the Elders from Guyana who can't get good meat.

Here's what good men do after dinner

At the end of the day - good night hugs
(or as some elders call it - 'the West Indies Brace')

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McKay Walker said...

You did the title of liberty idea! Genius! And the briefcase lives on! ZLC is the greatest event to ever be created... You all look amazing.