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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They arrived - finally!

From Oct 08

Hurrah! The newest elders are here but it wasn't easy.

They were supposed to arrive at the Trinidad airport at 8:00 PM Monday night. We got them Tuesday night at 10:00 PM - 24 hours late.

Here is the story of their 40 hour journey:

  • left the Provo MTC very early Monday morning
  • arrived at Salt Lake City airport
  • flight delayed out of Salt Lake
  • arrived Atlanta
  • missed departing flight to Trinidad by a few minutes (had to catch tram, run to gate, oops wrong gate, find right gate, no plane)
now what?
  • contacted Delta personnel, got in touch with us - everyone scrambled
  • no easy way to get to Trinidad
  • early evening 5 elders fly to Cincinnati
  • an hour later the other 2 fly to Cincinnati
  • sleep a few hours in hotel
  • morning - all 7 catch flight to New York City
  • early afternoon - all 7 fly to Trinidad
  • 8:00 pm - arrive on time
  • line up in immigration
  • immigration officer doesn't want two of them to enter
  • frantic calls to President Robison and Sister Coleman to bring permit to the airport
  • 9:30 pm - march triumphantly through gate!
  • met by President Robison and the assistants
  • 10:00 pm - dinner (?) in the mission home
  • 11:oo pm - 12:30 am - handle necessary welcoming and training (finances, paperwork, orientation)
  • 1:30 am - finally to bed
  • 5:00 am - elders serving in Guyana head to the airport (Elders Harris, Brenkmann, Lee, and Coronado)
  • right now (8:30 am) - Elder Neff (going to Guadeloupe) is being interviewed and I haven't yet seen Elders Jones and Noah (serving in Trinidad)
(9:10 am update - just woke up Elders Jones and Noah - Elder Jones rushed, bleary eyed, up to President Robison in the hall and asked, "what do I need to be ready? when is my flight!?!" President Robison replied, "you are already here in Trinidad, no more flights!")

A late meal for tired, hungry elders - Elder Jones, Lee, Coronado
From Oct 08

Elders Harris, Neff, Brenkmann, Noah
From Oct 08

From Oct 08

Here is a sweet story.

Elder Neff will be serving in the French side of the mission. He was good friends during high school with Elder Barton who has been serving on the English side of the mission. They never thought they would see each other here because of their different language assignments. However, it just so happens that Elder Barton is moving to Tobago today (transfer day) and his flight was so early this morning that he came and slept in the mission home. He had no idea Elder Neff would be here last night. What a perfect surprise. Is it a coincidence that these two friends got to be together? I don't think so.

From Oct 08

From Oct 08

So - the newest members of the West Indies band of brothers know how endure to the end, get things done, and stay happy during challenges. We are impressed.

They are great!


DeAnna said...

I love it! Elders Neff and Barton look great. I'm sure seeing Elder Barton was a very reasuring experience for Elder Neff. Thank you Sister Robison, for your delightful blogging. You really know how to tell a story. The Neff household appreciates the time and effort this must take.

Dave and Tauna said...

Wow! What a night, I hope you get a nap today. I'm sure you won't have time though. Thanks for all of your hard work in the West Indies.