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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Memorable Sabbath

We went to church twice today.

First we went to the San Fernando branch. A good group was at church (83 people). After Sunday school we went to Elder and Sister Farrer's house for a quick lunch and then drove with them to Point Fortin in the southwestern tip of the island. A group was formed in Point Fortin about six months ago. Today it became the newest branch in the West Indies Mission!

The drive to Point Fortin was interesting

We passed Pitch Lake - a 95 acre lake of tar
From Oct 08

Tar just bubbles up out of the earth. This was under my feet as I took the picture

The road was incredibly bumpy and broken from the pressure of oil and tar under the surface (Trinidad has lots of oil)

After a bumpy drive we arrived at the home of the new Point Fortin Branch (upstairs)

Elder Vance worked hard today. He gave the opening prayer, blessed the sacrament, confirmed a new member, gave a talk, and taught Sunday School (on the Law of Chastity!)

Here's Sister Farrer and the Mohammed sisters organizing a fishing game for Primary

After church we gathered everyone for an historic picture - 28 people attended the first meeting of the Point Fortin Branch (a few escaped the picture). Over half were investigators!

Here is the new Branch President - President Mohammed and his family (members for about 6 months)

and two of the missionaries who helped make this happen - Elder Vance and Elder Shideler (now serving as 1st counselor to President Mohammed)

Missionaries and the Mohammeds

Sister Farrer and I took turns holding this darling little boy

Visiting Point Fortin was a wonderful experience but our day wasn't over yet. Tonight was a Mission Home Fireside. We had some wonderful new members and investigators attend.

This is the "Ice cream" family with Elders Palmer and Hickenlooper. Really! The father is called Ice cream. People in Trinidad have a birth name but often go by a nickname. This brother sells ice cream and so that is what he is called. They are actually Indra, Meera, Sudama, Kelly, Ganesh, and Ice Cream Jankiesingh - baptized three weeks ago in the Princes Town Branch.

This is Radica Beales who was baptized and confirmed this weekend in San Fernando by Elders Huntsman and Sturdevant

Here is a fun picture. Sister Angela DaSilva Constantine has been a member for a few years but I couldn't resist taking a picture of her, the smallest person in the room, with Elder McDaniel, the tallest. She is a sweet Guyanese sister.

Finally, here are the newest missionaries (until tomorrow when we get 7 new elders) in the West Indies Mission - Elder and Sister Leishman who arrived today!

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This looks like such a beautiful place, I might have to come visit one day.