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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guyana - Excerpts from a Letter

Elder and Sister Hymas are a senior missionary couple who started their mission about six months ago in St Lucia. They were just transferred to Guyana this month so that Elder Hymas could serve as a counselor in the mission presidency with the special assignment to help prepare the Georgetown, Guyana District to become a stake.

They sent an email to family and friends today describing their experience and gave me permission to share a few excerpts.

What we knew about Guyana, was that is was like being on an extended camp out. That there were snakes, little alligators, heat, humidity, lots of cement, cheep stuff, brown dirty trenches, boils, bugs, dead dogs and ohh so much more. We were told not to judge it until after our first week or two here. So I am here to give you the report....

While it is true that all the above is here, the positives far outweigh the negatives. We were told that the people here are terrific. I didn't think they could be as good as my lucian friends, but I think the saints here can hold their own in my heart. We have been warmly greeted every where we have gone. There are about 8ish branches close to us and about 6 or 7 a two hour drive from us. We have been able to meet 6 of the other couples, that work so hard to serve in their different capacities. We have been a part of calling a new district presidency (like a stake presidency) made up of all powerful, young, local returned missionaries. One of whom is married with a baby. That in and of itself is history in the making. They are great....

I am here to say that while it is true that there are snakes, alligators, bats, bugs, boils, a brown ocean, dirty mud trenches, lots of busy city, poverty, theiving, burgler bars on all doors and windows, strange music... that the lines for a drivers licence and anything else are hours long, that the air conditioning in the car doesn't work, the shopping limited and ineffecient, that we share the road with dogs, horses, donkeys, horse driven carts, cows, smoking trucks, and crazy honking drivers, That the only fast food places are all fried chicken places, that our large spacious home is sterile and colorless, that we have been warned to either give the police a bribe when pulled over or face the stinky lock up jail for 48 hours, that the missionaries are all attempting to be here legally, that my oven both burns and leaves raw the brownies at the same time, that I have to hand filter the water for each cycle of my clothes washing, and with all the other little challenges of daily life, We are glad to be here.

We are so glad to be a part of the growth and development of the church here. We are thrilled to sit in a 6x6 living room singing songs to children at their request, while their mom is interviewed for baptism. We are thrilled to see that the members here know the hymns of the church without a CD player or piano. We are thrilled to see men of the priesthood biking to their meetings, 10 miles away with their ties flapping in the wind. We are thrilled to see the priesthood of God in action as deacons pass the sacrament. We are thrilled to hear the primary songs ring out the windows onto the loud and hopeless streets. We are thrilled to see the saints walk, bike, taxi or bus to church in an attempt to worship our Heavenly Father and be edified by His gospel. We are learning to appreciate sitting in a building where you can see the dirt on the ground through the wood slats of the floor, with open windows and chipping paint. We are thrilled to share our growing testimony that this work will roll forth and change the lives of so many humble and prepared people. There is no greater joy. Our perspective is forever changed. Our love for the sacrifices of those who have gone before us is forever deepened. Our love of the gospel is more complete. This is an amazing church to be apart of. The Lord surely does have his hand in His church. Like a mighty army moves the church of God.

Here are some pictures of Elder and Sister Hymas's Guyana experience (so far)

(new District Presidency)

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