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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trinidad Zone Conference - March 27

We already had a great Trinidad zone conference at the end of February with Elder Neil L. Andersen.

As we were finishing our tour of the mission, we decided to pull the Trinidad missionaries together one more time so they could participate in the discussion topics we shared with the rest of the missionaries. So - they actually got two zone conferences this tour - one with a general authority and one hearing from us (President Robison, the assistants, and myself)

It was an excellent conference and the elders were wonderfully involved in the discussion.

President Robison told some of his fun Church history stories

The elders loved it

Also - March 27th just happened to be the birthday of three people present - Sister Myers, Elder Barton, and President Robison

Of course we sang

Ate a very Caribbean cake


and Subway sandwiches

And shared birthday wishes

It was a wonderful day

Happy Birthday - President!


Westover's said...

Hope you had a great Birthday President Robison! You deserve that and more. I appreciate all you do for the Missionaries. I know my son loves you, you do so much for him. As a Missionary Mom I couldn't ask for more!

Dave and Tauna said...

Happy Birthday President Robison! You are a wonderful mission president and we appreciate everything you have done for the West Indies Mission and its Elders.