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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Success Stories - March 16

It's mid March already!

Here are the latest success stories.

We are in the midst of zone conference tour so, depending on internet in Guyana, I'll have some current pictures of the missionaries posted soon.

Elder Jackson - Trinidad
This week it seemed like we weren't finding anybody. I felt like we were being too picky on who to begin teaching. It seemed almost like all we were doing was contacting. Sunday, I was a little depressed, despite our two amazing families we have been working with the last week or so. Well, we walked in the church about 15 min. before sacrament and there was a family we street contacted the other day! Also, another lady was already there that the Senior Couple had been working with. They were there before most of the members. I started to cheer up a bit. Then Sacrament Meeting started, but we still hoped to see our families. Well, our Heavenly Father had mercy on us; during the Sacrament, both families of 4 walked in, stayed for all of church and loved it. We later went by the *** who are working for the 21st and the first question Sister *** asked was "so where's the baptism going to be?"

Elder Averett – Guyana
This success story is probably one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had. We have been working with a part member less active family in our area this family has been members for about 8 years and they randomly disappeared from the George Town branch about 5 years back or so. Elder Young Yen and Elder Whiederhold found them and started to teach them. They were not able to do much. The family was just not ready to come back but on one of the first days that I was in the area we met two of them in a bus and they invited us to come back. We were not really sure what to expect. We worked with them for a few weeks and it felt like we were not really getting anywhere. So we were talking about them in correlation on last Wednesday and we were asking our branch mission leader what we should do with them. He told us of an experience that he had heard the Sunday before. The experience was that Elder Oaks the Apostle came to Guyana and gave this very family a blessing after saying that he felt prompted to visit them. From that point on their lives started to pick up they were able to get a nice home and a lot of nice things. But there were trials that came about that stopped them from progressing and they fell away. We thought about this experience because we were a little worried to use it if it were not true but we decided to go and see what the spirit directed. As we got to the home there was a great spirit waiting us there. We went in and called everyone in (which was not easy because everyone does not like to sit with us) and we asked the mother about the experience. Almost instantly the strongest spirit that I think I have ever felt filled the room and she started to cry. Everything was silent and all the words just failed to come. It was just silent for what filled like 15 minutes. iI was really amazing. We then had a discussion about it and the mother looked at us and just said that she was happy that we came at this time to help her rebuild her family. At that moment I was prompted to share my feelings about being transferred to this area and how I felt like I should have been left in Rose Hall. As I found out that I was leaving I was talking to one of the senior couples, Sister Myers, and she told me that she knew that I was sent here for a reason and that there was someone special in this area that I needed to reach out to. As I finished sharing this experience she said to me I know that that is true because from the time that you have stepped foot in this house I have felt different. She said that she tried to hide from it at first because she did not feel ready to come back but she said that it is unavoidable now she committed to come to church and we left with the strongest spirit that I have ever felt. As we looked down at the time we realized that the lesson only took about 25 minutes and I was really worried because we felt like we were in there for hours. I know that the Lord helped us so that we could say what needed to be said and keep it within a good time and it was so wonderful.

Elder Palmer
We met a very sweet girl this past week. We didn't actually meet her until the second time that we visited with her family. She is only 19, her name is 888, and she devours everything we give her. The second time we talked to her she had read the tract twice, was planning on church, and asked if our Prophet had the "Melchizedek Priesthood, and are there really 12 Apostles on the Earth?" She has a strong desire to change her life for the better and asks a lot of questions about Repentance. She came to church on Sunday, loved it, and is coming back next Sunday. I don't ever recall meeting someone who is so sincere and willing to rid herself of her sins and the shame and guilt that come with them. When we were leaving her house yesterday she said.... "Why couldn't I have met you two about two years ago?" I paused, thought about it, and then said, "would you have listened and accepted this two years ago?" She thought about it and then smiled with a look of agreement. I am thrilled to work with her more.

Elder Young – Trinidad
monday night we had a joint family night at the church,with the senior couple, branch presidents family, and two investigator families. there is a power and energy that was there- just being together. the lesson was more of a testimonial, one of the parents from each family were asked to share how they have been blessed since they have been introduced to the gospel. after the closing prayer the rest of the evening was spent around the piano and microphone, everybody singing and having a ball together. it was amazing.
bottom line, each family formed a friendship with the others, and each family will be having their own family night this week.

Elder Cotton-Betteridge - Trinidad
Yesterday was an outstanding miracle. After church everyone that we had planned on seeing fell through. It was no good and we had no idea where to go. So the idea came to just hop on a bus and someone will come to mind. We went to the far end of our area and the thought did come to see a less active member. They wouldn't come out and we were kind of distraught. So we walked around and were looking for a more of a plannings area to work, but couldn't find anything. So we just kept walking down some street and down another, I'd never been on and then there was this lady inside her gate. We called in and invited her to church. She sounded overly excited to come so we asked if we could sit down with her and her family for a discussion. The lesson went really well and the Spirit was so strong. The mother began to cry and is very excited to come next Sunday. A younger couple that was sitting with us is planning on getting married in a few weeks and have been looking for the right church to be apart of. It was amazing and above all, the mother, Sis ***, was saying how the Lord sent us there because of previous experiences she had had earlier that day. The Lord guided us there and I know it, because of the fulfillment of the promise for getting our 20 contacts. Hurrah for The West Indies!

Elder Rosales – St Lucia
As we followed the counsel of President Robison that he gave us for a District Meeting we were able to see alot of blessings. He told us that the best thing that we can do for the Island Zone is to baptize young men that will go out in missions. So that's what we are focusing in. Right now we are teaching two young men which are preparing themselves to be baptized this month. Both of them are so cool and inspiring. I can really say that it's a miracle that we found them. I know that as we follow the counsel of our leaders we will receive blessings.

Elder Kelly - Guyana
Yesterday, we were teaching a cool new family that we had found thanks to a great referral. When we finished, they told us of one of their neighbors who had been having a really hard time lately. The oldest son had been savagely beaten to the point where both of his legs were broken and he was the family's only means of financial support. We immediately followed them to the neighbor's, and found the whole family (of about 10) gathered around the son, ready to hear words of comfort and peace. We were humbled by the scene, and started a lesson about the Savior and His atoning sacrifice. The family listened almost hungrily, and when we finished, the asked us to come back whenever we could. I know that the Lord led us to this family in need, and my testimony has been strengthened. Even though we have trials in this life, the Lord is there to help us over them, and to help us back to Him. Just as He is doing for this family.

Elder Fisher - Guyana
Earl ***, a recent convert of about a month, told me yesterday, "Everything I do for this church, I do it in love. I must thank the missionaries because without you I wouldn't know about this church or this gospel." He said this after church, during which he blessed the sacrament, said the closing prayer in gospel principles and the opening prayer in priesthood, and taught the young men. He was just beaming with the Holy Ghost.

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