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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

St Martin Zone Conference - March 24

We had one last zone conference in St Martin (we think).

Generally the St Martin elders fly to Guadeloupe or St Lucia for conference. But, because there are four 'displaced' elders from Guadeloupe temporarily serving in St Martin, we flew there for a conference. It was fun to have a largish gathering there.

Here's the group

and here they are - companionship by companionship

Elders Larson and Neff

Elders Catherine and Julian

Elders Gray (who finishes his mission on April 1st!) and Maihota

Elders Anihia and Vogel

We can't forget the couples!

The Collings (left) were with us, stopping for a few days in St Martin on their way from Guyana to return to Guadeloupe; and the Olivers (right) are serving in St Martin

We have been traveling with Dr Millet (area doctor) and Sister Millet. They are a wonderful couple called to serve in the Dominican Republic for 18 months. Dr Millet will tour the mission once per year to check on missionary health. He says they are remarkably healthy young men!

The conference was wonderful!

President told some 'legendary' missionary stories from church history. Elder Julian helped him out by reading a particularly fun part spoken with a Welsh accent

Elders Neff, Gray and Catherine, accompanied by very accomplished Sister Oliver, sang one of my favorite hymns (in French) - "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

After the conference we all dug into a yummy taco salad lunch (organized by the Olivers)

And then the elders shared some of their pictures with me. That's how I get such wonderful images for the slideshows. I have an amazing collection!

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