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Monday, March 9, 2009

Linden, Guyana

Linden is an area in Guyana that missionaries have been dreaming about opening up for years. It's towards the interior of Guyana where there are great people, including many Amerindians, who are ready to learn about the Gospel.

Last January 23rd we got permission to work there part time and the results have been amazing.

Here are some pictures of one of the early church meetings in Linden

Elder Fillerup

Elder Tupou

Elder and Sister Collings (French senior missionary couple) are in Guyana right now because of the strike in Guadeloupe. They have been visiting Linden and sent me this note and pictures:

Here are a few more pictures of the work in Linden. The baptised sister is Shondel Dainty. She is very strong and bore a great testimony. She will be a wonderful missionary there in Linden. She is already talking to various friends about the gospel.

The elders there are so happy and full of fire. Two of them said they have never been happier than serving in Linden, (that was Elders Tupou and Williamson). That little chapel is growing in numbers each week. There were 45 I believe this Sunday, counting the missionaries.

You will be pleased to know that there were five men present (4 investigators), and one member, Gordon, the one I interviewed from Barbados. He is excited to be there and works out of a N. American call center set up there in Linden. ... One of the men present said that just that morning he felt prompted by spirit to attend, and just joined us. He was there early so the elders taught him a short first lesson before the meetings began. He loved the meetings and will be coming each Sunday I think.

It was such a privilege to be there Sunday. All of the elders there, including our French elders, are doing such a good work in Linden.

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What a joy in everybody's eyes.