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Friday, March 6, 2009

More Success

Here are a few more Success Stories that came in a bit late:

Elder Hamilton – Trinidad
This past week while Elder Andersen was here, he and his wife Sister Andersen, along with President and Sister Robison befriended their waitress, a lady named ***, at Ruby Tuesday. All four of these leaders asked her questions about herself and her life and invited her to listen to the missionaries. President gave us her information and we began teaching her. She came to the Stake Conference and didn't really understand it but she felt the spirit. She said she had a lot of questions for us. We took members by for each visit and each time she seemed to become happier and happier through learning and through the testimonies of each member. We didn't really answer any questions she had because the spirit taught her as we taught the Restoration. After we taught the Book of Mormon we had her read 3 Nephi 11. Our next visit she had read the whole thing and underlined the verses she liked the most. She said she had prayed about it and felt very good and different. She was all smiles the whole lesson. She called us one night and asked us if she could bring a friend to church this week. She already set a goal to finish the Book of Mormon and is planning on being baptized as soon as possible. Teaching the doctine, getting her to read the Book of Mormon and pray, and teaching with members is the reason she is progressing at such a rapid rate. Heavenly Father prepares his children.

Elder McDaniel – Trinidad
This week, we were on our way home, traveling in a bus, because Elder Mundy had our car, and we were just going to go straight home. I was confused with the bus system here and just decided that we would go home and be in by nine. As we were going down the road, I recognized where we were and stopped the bus so we could go check some RC's really fast. Off we went and they were all great. The walk home was pretty lonely, not many people out, and it was kinda late, so we were hurrying. As we were walking we passed a lady and then both stopped at the same time and turned around. She was sitting on a hand railing overlooking the Savannah, all alone. We quickly invited her to church and she accepted. Before we knew it, we had her number, a return appointment, and had shared a little about the church. She was excited and said, "ya know, i don't even know why i came here tonight, i just thought i would come see what was going on here." At the time we didn't realize the whole meaning behind what she said, but, basically the Lord put her in our path and we almost missed her. She was there for us to find! And now she is really excited for church this weekend. I know the Lord puts His prepared in our path, if we will but open our mouths!

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