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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Church in Sangre Grande

We went to church in Sangre Grande, Trinidad today.

Everyone calls it 'Sandy Grandy'

The road near the church isn't the greatest

But we have our own chapel
(on the left)

Our welcome this morning wasn't the warmest.

Actually it was kind of like walking into a lion's den.

That's because this is transfer week and Elder Shideler, who has been serving very successfully in Sangre Grande for a few transfers, is moving to another branch on Wednesday (transfer day).

There were two hopping mad newly baptized mothers who couldn't believe they were losing THEIR missionary.

They told President Robison what they thought!

Then they cried off and on throughout the meeting.

My husband leaned over and said (with a smile) - "remind me not to visit branches during weeks I am transferring THEIR missionaries."

I like to attend Primary and Young Women whenever I can. Today Samuel the Lamanite (Walker) visited the children

Did you know there are Boise State fans in Trinidad?

(Go Broncos!)

This was the bus loading up to take people home after church

Goodbye to a darling primary girl

We finished the day with one of our regular pre-transfer-week mission home firesides for new members and investigators. Here are a few pictures:

the boss

San Fernando Deacon's Quorum

It really wasn't that boring

Chatting afterward (called "liming' in Trinidad)

Members for three weeks - and so happy!


Jenny said...

Cute pictures! So they must get really attached to the missionaries.

ang said...

Go BSU! I love that picture! Elder Walker is in our stake and will be returning home on Thursday, the same day as my nephew (they are in the same ward). I will get to hear Elder Walker speak in church on Sep 14th along with my nephew and just can't wait!! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!