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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mission Home

A few parents have asked to see the mission home so here is a special narrated photo tour.

We live in a wonderful older home set at the end of a cul-de-sac in Valsayn, a nice town between Port of Spain (Trinidad capitol) and the airport. If the traffic is good we can get to either place in about 20 minutes.

The street is quiet (except a few times a year when there is a wild noisy party in the field next door). We live at the very end of the street (taken from in front of the house)

My favorite spot is the backyard

Especially the relaxing porch (I can at least imagine sitting and relaxing there)

We have many wonderful fruits and flowers

Huge avocados

Coconuts (we love the fresh coconut water)

Gorgeous flowers

Mangos (they've become my absolute favorite fruit - and we have loads of them)


Soursop - a strange prickly fruit

Noni - yes that's right, just like Tahitian noni

We also have oranges, limes, West Indies cherries, and bananas (for some reason not producing right now), plus lots of fresh herbs I grow in pots. It's amazing how things grow here - quite a contrast to my Utah garden struggles. I don't think it is possible for anyone to go hungry in the West Indies.

This is how we get to eat because of the wonderful mission home fruits (mango mousse, avocado soup)

There is an open field next door - site of many a missionary football (soccer) game

So, now here is the inside - we only use this fancy front door for special events like our monthly mission home firesides

A nice big kitchen (pictures of our 13 - soon to be 15 grandchildren on the fridge)

Family room with more pictures of the grandchildren :)

Two missionary bedrooms - where your sons stay for two nights when they arrive in Trinidad

A special guest bedroom that sets up for missionaries as well

Long hallways

With pictures of amazing people - West Indies missionaries at work

and a huge perfect living room and dining room space where we can hold firesides and zone conferences

And finally - here is the best thing about the mission home - it is actually a she - Doris the housekeeper. She is a wonderful special spiritual lady and we love her!

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SniderMom said...

Thanks for the blog! I love the photos of the area and the people. Elder Snider's 1st camera had a run in with Guyanese Mud, 2nd one died and number 3 was stolen. (He is using disposable cameras now) As you can imagine, we love seeing photos of the area on all of the couples and your blogs!