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Monday, August 18, 2008

Suriname Zone Conference

This Suriname Zone Conference was one of my mission highlights.

We have great missionaries in the West Indies and I am always impressed when I am around them. Today was extra-impressive with the fine young men of Suriname. I could tell quickly during the conference that they are striving to be exactly obedient and to serve with all their hearts. They have also been studying hard in preparation for zone conference - particularly from King Benjamin's sermon (President Robison's topic). Two prospective missionaries (one with papers already submitted) attended and they both bore powerful testimonies about their dedication to the gospel and their love for missionary work.

Here are some of the testimonies I was privileged to hear today:

from a prospective missionary: "I feel the spirit really strong. I am really shaking right now. I am trying to live the the way Christ lives. I am doing my best. I am very happy that I found this church."

referring to a baptism this weekend: "I can't remember any feeling that is better than that because the step they took changed their lives...they trusted us, believed the things we said and got baptized."

from a prospective missionary: "I still remember the first time I worked with the missionaries - my faith was still weak. The missionaries said, 'the church is true, you need to go with us'. The missionaries always encouraged me to stay strong and have faith...When I am at work I always talk about the church...I feel so good about it. I am so happy people see Christ in me and people want to know more about the church."

"Today I have been able to understand things I have never understood before."

The great Suriname and French Guiana "band of brothers"

and the couples - the Mertopawiros (from Suriname) and the Broekzitters (from the Netherlands)

the French Guiana "dream team" as President Robison calls them

after the conference

Elder Koenen shows off his new haircut

new look

old look

good bye


ang said...

Thanks for updating us on the zone conference! I always love seeing my Elder in the group and to hear the positive comments! What a wonderful group of young men!

FAMKH♥ said...

Hooray for Suriname! I love hearing from Elder Kinghorn/Potter. haha. I hear the Lord's work is booming in the West Indies mission. I'm so grateful for awesome missionaries.