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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream of the Temple

I try to add Success Stories from the missionaries daily, if possible, to my WIM website. This one was so special that I thought I would share it here.

Elders Palmer and Risenmay - Trinidad (written by Elder Palmer)
Things are looking GREAT in our Area. We have seen so many miracles these past couple of weeks, I don't have enough time, paper, or energy to write about hardly any, but one in particular stands out from this last week. We met a woman who is named Valerie, a Christian by Birth, but a convert to Islam. Her late Husband died five years ago, and she has lived a life of depression, fear, and anxiety ever since. The second time we met with her she told us about a dream that she had a few years ago in which she saw her husband dressed completely in White in a most beautiful garden. She watched him for a while and finally he came over to her, opened a closet filled with white clothes and said.... "Pick a white dress and come live with me in Eternity." She replied to her Husband.... "Only God can choose that." ..... We were amazed and began to tie things into the temple immediately, For the next few minutes as I bore a solid, sincere testimony on Temples, the Spirit filled the air unlike I've ever before felt! Tears of joy came to Valerie’s eyes...... but this is not the end of the story! The next day we came back with pictures of several different Temples. This time Valerie opened up even more to us and began to describe her dream in vivid detail in which her Husband sat down and said "before they could go to Paradise, she needed to watch a movie!" She went on mentioning three distinct rooms, walking dressed in white next to someone whose face she did not recognize, and seeing the colors pink and light blue over and over again. Anticipating the moment I handed her a picture of the "Terrestial Room- Salt Lake Temple." Her face lit up as she exclaimed.... "Yes this is it, these are the curtains..... and the exact same pews we sat in!" I couldn't believe it, nor can I still..... this Sister named Valerie has basically seen the inside of the Temple before she is even Babptized.... and better yet, her Husband is telling her to "come enjoy Paradise with him!" When we committed her to be Baptized, holding back tears she exclaimed.... "Well I guess I'm going to have to!"

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Keith Reidhead said...

My name is Keith Reidhead, and I had the priviledge of serving my mission in the West Indies Mission. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of something that I learned while I was there, or someone that touched my heart so deeply that they will never be forgotten. I love to see and hear the growth of that beautiful place, to some of the most precious people in the whole world. After reading the story from the Elders that had the special moment, I couldn't help but long to be a missionary serving in the West Indies again. Don't take a single moment for granted. I have yet to find that special spirit that I felt while I was there. It sounds like it has changed so much since I was there in 97-99, but the people are just as special. I envy the joy that you and the Elders are feeling, and I pray that you will continue to find those people that have been waiting for so long to get that special message you carry.