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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A colorful walk

My and I husband sometimes take an exercise walk around our neighborhood at the end of the day. Last time, I took my camera along because I wanted to catch a picture of this amazing plant (an air fern?) just growing on top of the utility wires.

As we walked, I couldn't resist snapping pictures of the colorful houses.

It's funny - when we got here two years ago it was time to repaint the exterior of the mission home. It was white at the time. The man in charge of physical facilities wanted to change it to a bright color like pink or peach. My husband and I were appalled. That sounded awful and we loved white! We finally agreed on a compromise of a warm gold color. Now we are in love with the Caribbean colors and would happily paint the house pink, lime green, blue. I guess it takes times for North Americans like us to lighten up and realize that white and beige are boring!

After all, just look at what the Caribbeans see every day:

Flamboyant trees

Parrots (this one is a pet but we have wonderful lime green ones in our yard all the time)

and, of course, the sea

Here is my favorite house

Wild colors

This one is interesting

Elegant yellow

Purple apartments

Teddy bear in the making

and lots more

Not a white house in the bunch!


SniderMom said...

I love the architecture and the colors! I love the photo of the parrot. Did you know that his stretching of that one wing is his way of saying "hello" to you?

dr di said...

That is so fun to know. That parrot is almost always out on his fence in the evenings and whenever I run or walk by, I call out 'hello' and by the time I am past and about to turn the corner I hear a distant 'hello' back at me.