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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April's ins and outs

We had one of the largest transfers of our mission this week.

Happily - thirteen new elders arrived safely

But sadly - fourteen (three missing from the picture) well worn experienced elders departed

You would think that after almost three years, this process would come easy - but it doesn't. It's hard to say goodbye to such good friends.

It's amazing the way the work keeps moving forward even when fine seasoned leaders depart and brand shiny new young men take their place. That is the miracle of training, Preach my Gospel, sacrifice, hard work, and being part of a magnificent band of brothers who care for each other.

So here they are - the newest West Indies Missionaries!

Elders Manwill, McDaniel (assistant), Gaddy, Clark, Peterson, Jarvis, Christensen, and Hamilton (assistant)

Elders Montgomery, Powers, Krause, Butler, Olsen, Copa, and Nelson

They arrived late Monday night after a slight challenge in immigration.

Tuesday they had interviews, study class, office orientation and then went out to convert the nation of Trinidad! They are an energetic, bold, and powerful group! Everyone that worked with them was impressed.

In the evening we had a nice dinner (thanks to the senior couples)

And then President Robison collected their most burning questions and gave practical counsel on starting off their missions right

We finished the evening with a formal devotional

At the end the new elders found out where they would serve and who their trainers would be. The very spread out nature of this mission means that new elders rarely get to meet their trainers right away - but this time two of them happened to be staying in the mission home.

Elder Huntsman will be training Elder Peterson - don't they look happy?

Elder Risenmay will training Elder Manwill - the are both great singers so we expect to hear some amazing musical numbers soon

Also - two future presidential candidates got to meet each other (we actually have three in the mission)

Elder Palmer (heading to Guyana to be a Zone Leader) and new Elder Olsen

We also had Elders Sookram and Jones stop by. They will be serving together in Trinidad.

There is something interesting about those two. You can't it tell from this picture...

...they are two of the tallest thinnest elders in the mission!

Take a look

I'm not sure Elder Jones can even walk through the mission home doors without ducking. They are two very fine missionaries!

The evening was wonderful and I'm sure these eager new missionaries will make a significant contribution to the West Indies Mission.

Now - about those departing missionaries

They also had a fine dinner prepared by the senior couples

and a whiteboard discussion of pressing concerns

but their issues were a little different from the new elder's

for the first time, they were encouraged to start thinking about what lies ahead - after the mission

They will be great WIRMS (West Indies Returned Missionaries)

Just check out their power!

Elders YoungYen and Ficklin missed the photo session

and Elder Proctor didn't come to Trinidad for farewell gathering

We will miss these fine missionaries

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