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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Success Stories - April 13

Elder Montgomery – St Vincent
We’ve been working with a man named *** for a few weeks now. (since before I was here) He was baptized in the Pentecostal church before and didn’t see the need to be baptized again. He said “Jesus was baptized once, so I will be baptized once”. Last night, we were teaching about the Priesthood and a light switched on over his head. “So that’s why you want to baptize me?!” We’ve been telling him over and over, but something about that night just made sense and now he is willing to be baptized for real. Can’t wait!

Elder Huntsman – Guyana

We met a man last Tuesday who said he wanted to be baptized but he drinks a lot and smokes. We talked up the game night the next night and invited him to come. He came and had a great experience with a member. Ever since that night he has not touched smokes or alcohol. He making great strides and it all started with the fellowship of that member.

Elder Jones (Blake) – Trinidad

This whole last week Elder williams and i were trying are hardest to plan efficiently, and to make it a habit. We saw so many people, and even though some plans fell through, i saw back up plans come in and rescue us. we did everything we could, and set goals for each day. As a result, we had 6 investigators at church, and even more trickled in, but after sacrament... If we plan to succeed, we will, if we don’t, then we we’re just "here."

Elder Jestice – Guyana
While checking a member this week we met a neighbor boy who was 15 who we'd never seen before. I decided to talk to him, hoping we could maybe go teach his family. He told us which area he lived in (there are no such thing as addresses in Crabwood Creek), and the next day we went to a different member in the same area to ask him if he knew the boy and his parents and where they lived. Luckily enough, he did, and he took us over there to meet them. Jackpot! There we found a huge awesome family, the ***, and were able to teach them all the restoration. The parents are married and both know how to read (the wife is a teacher), and were excited to learn more. This family will soon be kingdom builders here in Crabwood!

Elder Stebbing – Guyana
One thing that has been very successful this past week has been teaching with recent converts. Two recent converts in particular have really impressed me with the strength of their testimonies *** and *** have been having us go teach their friends, and they have helped us out alot by sharing their conversion stories and testimonies. I've never seen anyone so young in the church share such strong and powerful testimony. The guys that we've been teaching by them don't stand a chance against the power of their two vibrant testimonies of the restored gospel. Our recent converts have been a huge help.

Elder Averett - Guyana
This weeks success comes from working with a member. Sunday after church we set up to go on splits with a member to try and see the people that were at church so that we could set a date with all of them. I went with a young man that is 19 and is preparing to go on a mission. We had finished visiting all the people that we needed to and had a few minutes tell we were meeting back up. We had used this member several times before and I was not sure that he would have any referrals but I decided to ask him any way. He said that he had an old school mate that was living in the area but he had not seen her in like two or three years. He said that we could go and try and find her so we started walking and he looked and saw a house and he just goes "That is it I can just see her face in that house." So we went up and called in just then she came out and he said that is her. She went in the house to get some shoes to let us in. As she went in I had a flash back to a dream that I had at the very first of my mission and that the house was the very house that I had in my dream. It was so crazy and the spirit was there so strong in the lesson she prayed at the end of the lesson and said, "so what do I do just give up everything and follow this Joseph Smith or what?" It was such an amazing experience.

Elder Marshall - Guyana
We were on exchanges this week and we were doing some powerfinding out in sophia looking for some cool people. Nothing was really working out and we were starting to get discouraged but i said we cant stop until we find that family of five. A couple houses later we found a pretty cool family that was excited to have us there. We taught the restoration and committed them to be baptized. They accepted and their neighbor was there so we are going to teach his family as well. It is all about the attitude that affects the work.

Elder Clark (Jordan) - Guyana
We have been teaching a brother and sister since we arrived in Vreed en Hoop and they both committed to baptism on our first visit. Their father didn't agree with the baptism because they have already been baptized in another church. On our second visit, he told us they were both old enough to make their own decisions and he would not stop them from being baptized. We challenged him that night to read from the Book of Mormon and to pray to see if it was true. As of now he hasn't fulfilled his commitment, but he now tells us he is planning on coming to church and keeps asking us to come over and teach. If that isn't a success enough, the brother stopped drinking alcohol, tea bag, and stopped smoking after we taught the Word of Wisdom and extended the commitment. This just shows that the Holy Ghost has great power to change the hearts of men, when invited, and that our loving Heavenly Father will help us overcome any trial in order to continue living the commandments.

Elder Barker – Guyana
so there is this 74 year old man who was baptized less than two months ago, along with his 11 year old son. well this very faithful servant of the Lord, has come to church every Sunday since contact with the missionaries, and has had devotionals every morning with his 11 year old son earlon.
Thats not the best part yet, he has more sons and they work in the interior, and they havent been home for a while, well the sons are now home, and every single one of them and even their friends want to be baptized, they have felt the atonement in there lives, and it gives them a joy they say they have never felt, and want to make more changes in there lives, and get baptized, if this isn’t success i dont know what i;)

Elder Endemann – St Lucia
Wow success in Castries, this last week we were running late to an appointment but still on the way we had a prompting to contact this man, and what do you know this man of all times needed the gospel, when we contacted him we found out that he had been contemplating suicide, he even had a letter written and was on his way to the beach for what? i dont know, but all i know is that this man needed the gospel and he loves it he came to church sunday and now he is preparing to be baptized we are hitting him with 2 weeks notice.....talk about success

Elder Snow – Guadeloupe
this preparation day we were just winding down to take a nap, because we got up at 3:45 to see the sunrise at point de chateau.....so we were tired and right when i was just about to get into bed i thought (hey i think the story of the strippling warriors will be good for FHE tonight) we had already planned to watch "special witnesses of christ" but i decided to read through it anyways and pick out some good parts. so we go to FHE and the dad is wrapped up in the news and so we can't watch the movie. so instead we shared the strippling warriors and the son who has been wanting to get baptised in august changed his mind and decided that this week is his week.

Elder Kinghorn – Suriname
transfers ago, we taught a man that didn't want to listen. We left him a tract and didn't think anything else about it. He never touched the book again. However. his cleaning lady did. She started reading it everyday at work and gained a testimony that these things were true. So when the missionaries came to her door, she gladly let them in. And imagine my surprise at seeing her and her sons at the church as the most recently baptized members. We don't always know why we do what we do, or why we're where we are, but the Lord does. He has plans to bless all his children.

Elder Swart - Suriname
This week we where contacting a drunk guy on the street, so we where gone fast. But we checked his address. He wasn't drinking. We came in, taught the Restoration. He said in the end, together with his wife, with who he is lawfully wedded, They are searching for a church, and they want to come to the fireside on saturday and want to come to church sunday! Awesome! Blessing of getting contact!

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