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Monday, April 6, 2009

Success Stories - March 30

I am getting behind on the Success Stories! Today's new ones are already coming in with the weekly letters and I haven't even posted last week's!

Here they are

Success Stories – March 30, 2009

Elder Holtz – Suriname
This week was something special... we had an investigator that we gave a Book of Mormon to only a week ago... Wellll turns out in 4 days he had read +/-84 pgs and a week after we gave him the Book of Mormon he had read 120 pgs and he's loving every page more than the last!! It's amazing what the Book of Mormon can do!

Elder Kinghorn – Suriname
We've been looking at this coming month and trying to figure out who we are going to baptize next week. We didn't think that we had any possibilities until last night. One of the members Granddaughters had come to church and then came over for a family home evening. We had a great lesson, and at the end asked if anyone had a question. She quickly responded "Can I get baptized this coming Sunday?" Everyone in the room was shocked, but now she's planning to get baptized this weekend! There are always people that are ready for the restored gospel!

Elder Baantjer – Suriname
We had the baptismal service for Rommy and his family came. When he bore his testimony he said he knew this is what he wanted to do after he had read and prayed about it. When he first met with us he was like whatever I'll listen. But when he began to read and pray he got his testimony and was baptized. Rommy didn't know that he was ready for the gospel until he tested it and found that it was what he was missing in his life. His wife is also preparing for baptism in the coming weeks.

Elder Biver – St Vincent
This Saturday morning, we had the baptism of ***, a nine year old boy, son of Sister *** who came from St Lucia two months ago. Kevin was so excited about being baptized. We had been teaching the two great grandparents at the same time than ***, and both of them had been feeling very well about it. ***, the great grandma, had been coming to church twice. When she attended the baptism, she was really touched. She told us yesterday that when she was there, and also when she saw the confirmation in Sunday, she understood that her previous baptism in the penticostal church had not been done the good way. She said she wants to be baptized next weekend! I am so excited about it, and this helped me understand also the importance of having a maximum of people attend the baptismal service and the confirmation, because people are going to feel the spirit.

Elder Daines - Guyana
We saw a well dressed man carrying a baby, walking down the street in front of our house. So we contact him and he tells us that he and his wife had been thinking about finding a church to go to. We taught him later, and he surprised us with his knowledge. He was a strong Hindu, but he told us that he believes in Jesus Christ and knows that he is the Messiah. Even gave a prayer before we left. When we talked to the neighbours about it, they were real surprised, and said he has always been a strong Hindu. And he lives 2 doors down from us. It’s amazing to see all the different ways that the Lord prepares people- and the unexpected places he puts them in.

Elder Stebbing - Trinidad
On saturday we tried to go by our investigator ***, but he wasn't at home. So we decided to go finding in an area that we had never been in before as a back up plan. After talking with a few people, we called into a house with a family outside. As we began to talk to the family, we noticed that *** was sitting in the hammock outside! It turns out that these people were his in-laws. As we taught them the Restoration, the Spirit was there powerfully. ***'s father in law was almost brought to tears as he described how he felt after he prayed to know if what we said was true. They all came to church the next day, including the father in law, who hadn't stepped foot in a church for years and was very afraid to. Having a spiritual finding lesson is so very important.

Elder Swart - Guyana
This week a investigator, named *** came to church this week for the second time. She came to me after sacrament meeting and said: Elder Swart, thank you for your love, and sincere heart to help me, if you where not here to help me, I would not be here!
The members welcomed her really good! I’m so happy!!!

Elder Lee – Guyana
This week we were going by a member and invited them to give a Restoration Tract to a nonmember friend. The member did so and we were able to teach them. We had not had any luck the other times before when we went to the house, but when the member gave the tract and taught with us they were willing to listen. We were then able to continue teaching them. It was really neat to see the difference members make in this work.

Elder Shakespear - Suriname
We had an awesome experience this week with the work with the members. WE asked members to work with us before hand and we did our best to schedule appointments for a time that would best suit the member. We had an appointment with the district president to come work with us one afternoon. WE got a call that the appointment that we scheduled would not go thru. WE really had nobody else to visit and we were going to pick up our member in a few minutes. On the way, a guy stopped us and asked if we could come by and pray for him. WE told him that we'd be by in a few minutes. WE got to the appointment with the member and it was wonderful. THe member we brought was perfect for the investigator! Always invite the members to work with you. It will bless the work.

Elder Carlson – Guyana
this week i was priveleged enough to give the Melchizedek priesthood to Samuel Ramnarine, a man that i baptized in november! it was such an honor that i was happy to recieve.

Elder Brenkmann - Guyana
Our wonderful branch president extended the first calling of his tenure yesterday. He wanted one of us to do the setting apart, but we told him no. He was scared bad. He had me stand there with the white handbook open and point to the words he needed to say, until the blessing, then I whispered, "now give her a blessing." He nearly panicked. However, the spirit took over and he gave a great blessing. The first ever. It was great and now he won't be afraid of it anymore.

Elder Fillerup - Guyana
We had been teaching *** and her children for about 3 weeks. She came to church every week and knew that it was true but couldn't commit to be baptized. We were a little disappointed and stopped going by as frequently. She showed up to church this week and had a smile on her face. I was sitting in the front and right after I announced the opening hymn and prayer I sat down and saw that *** was looking up at me. Right then she told me that she was going to be baptized that day. She was! Her kids all watched it and they decided that they want to do it too.

Elder Jones (Ben) - Trinidad
We have been trying to get the members more involved in missionary work for some time now and so we thought that we would challenge someone from the Elder’s quorum to give away a Book of Mormon. So right before Elder’s quorum meeting we testified of its power and gave them the challenge. To our great joy we saw 6 people raise their hands. Later another person came up to us and asked for a copy to give away. It is amazing to see the members at work.

Elder Jestice – Suriname
I've been praying for a while now, for that family of 4 that is ready to receive the gospel. I just didnt expect that that family would be found, right as i am preparing to leave the area. Last week we found a family, through a referral, that is awesome! A mother, father, and 2 daughters (one who is 11 and one who is 6). They live far in the corner of our area where probably not many missionaries have ever been. We've had about 3 or 4 lessons with them so far and they came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. They are receiving answers to their prayers and preparing to be baptized as soon as they can get married. I'm so happy this family was found and is now preparing to be baptized together. That's what its all about.

Elder Silvester - Guyana
Well this week we were out working hard and we decided to visit our investigator ***. We stopped by her house and we were invited inside to teach her and her family. As we were following up on the commitments that we left the last visit we starting to become a little discouraged because she hadn’t read or pray like we asked and she couldn’t remember very well the lesson we had shared the last time. So we briefly reviewed the lesson then being prompted by the spirit we ask her then and there to pray about the message of Joseph Smith. So agreed and began to pray. As she pray the spirit was strong and she started to cry and had a hard time to finish her pray. At the and we were able to help here recognize the spirit that touch her heart at that moment to tell that its true. It really help me to see how much better the work goes forward when you listen to the promptings of the spirit.

Elder Wiederhold - Guyana
Its amazing how the Spirit can touch some people in such a way that they know what we share is true right from the start. This happened with us with a man named *** who we taught on Tuesday and we were following up with him to see if he prayed about Joseph Smith if he did indeed to see God and Jesus Christ. Well he said no and we were a bit concerned, but then he said why do i need to ask God in prayer if He has already told me it is true. He said he knew what we shared was true cause of how he felt on our last visit and we taught him about church and the Law of Chastity, he right off said he’ll stop with his girlfriend and live the law of chastity, but he said he’ll have a problem with coming to church cause he’ll be in the interior and will be leaving the next morning. We were so bummed but really encouraged him to come and see if he would like to go to the Lindon, and he said he’ll try his best to come. Lo and behold on Sunday he showed up and stayed the entire time and really enjoyed the church, what a miracle!

Elder Sturdevant – Guyana
My recent convert is turning in his papers from my first area of my mission. wow to get that call made me feel like a million bucks!

Elder Payne – Trinidad
This week we contacted a man named ***. Elder Kippins took his number and said we see if we could see him, Elder Kippins gave him a Restoration tract if we weren't able to see him. He seemed somewhat interested. We were in the area later and had him as a back-up in our plans. The plans we had fell through and we called him and he seemed ready for us almost. We went over to his home and he had chairs set up and had read the Tract Elder Kippins gave to him. he was way excited to have us come teach and he is very interested. He accepted a date and now has the Book of Mormon to pray about and recieve an answer.

Elder Moala – Guyana
So i was on exchanges and we were going to an appointment. I was so busy talking to Elder Sookram, that we had passed the house by about a block. When we stopped in front of a house turn around, the people home, called out and wanted to talk to us. They asked us where our church was and wanted to come. I gave them the directions and then told them what we were all about. They even agreed to be baptized. It was a sweet experience. I know that i meant to miss the intended house for a reason. The Proximity principle is true.

Elder Olsen – Guyana
Ah, finding time. You've gotta love it. Elder Lang and I were out to find a man who we'd contacted on the street the other day. The only problem was that he lived forever away. We walked out to his house and much to our dismay, he wasn't home. Luckily, however, his grown brother was. We were able to teach him about the restoration and he was so excited. When we invited him to pray if it was true he simply said that he knew it was true. Things had just happened for some reason so he knew that it was from God. How cool is that? Every disappointment sets you up for the next great thing

Elder Scott - Guyana
on sunday morning we wnt our to collect people for church...knowing that today was going to be much harder due to the fact that my bike was not around (it's a long story...i'll tell you later). but we went with members and each tried to help our investigators. we worked for an hour and a half and in the end...our labors paid off after Heavenly Father made up the rest. we had 18 investigators at church! and because of that we have three hard dates and plenty soft to start the next transfer with. hard work pays off. miracles surround us.

Elder Parrish - Guyana
Well I think the best thing that I can write about is just the change in the branch. I feel like I have left the area better than how I found it. I know that every companionship before me did the same. And that’s what is so wonderful about being transferred. The missionaries to follow will grow the branch in different ways that I could not. one year, or even 10,I would like to look back at the branch and see the growth and the difference. That is the miracle.

Elder Packer - Guyana
We made a cool contact to this boy named ***. He is 18. We got his information. and we forgot to get a hold of him agian. He came to church though, not only did he come to chruch, he was in a white shirt and tie. What? it was sweet we set a date with him and he is so prepared for the gospel. He is going on a mission.

Elder Palmer
I have an amazing story about a family Elder Huntsman and I Baptized in December.... the ***. On Sunday they came to church, but at somepoint during Sacrament their car was broken into and their wallets and purse were taken. All of their money and ID cards, Drivers Liscenses, Credit Cards, everything..... gone. Brother *** drives truck for a living, so now he can't legally work, they don't have any money for groceries, they don't have money to send their kids to school this week, yet their biggest concern was.... they lost their tithing. After talking to the police the Bishop called Brother *** into the office and asked what the ward could do to help. Without hesitating Brother *** took 40$ TT (less than 7 US) from his pocket, and tried to give the Bishop half of it. Bishop *** tried to excuse him, but Brother *** said ..... "I should at least still give half of what I have to God." ....... Not much else I can say that could make the story any bettter--- that man is a very strong member, and I do believe that I will embrase him some day in the Celestial Kingdom.

Elder Risenmay
When we got to Siparia there was a girl *** who was a member's daughter in law. While missionaries were gone from the area she came to church a few times with her mother in law. When we first started teaching her I was doubting her commitment plenty. She didn't listen that well and didn't keep her first commitment very quickly. I decided we would baptize her if she came to church that Sunday. She came and afterwards I shared with her my testimony of the Book of Mormon and challenged her to 10 pages a day. When we came back tuesday she had read 145 pages and by her baptism on saturday had finished Mosiah and started on Alma. Her testimony after he baptism was all about how much she loved the Book of Mormon and didn't want to put it down. The Book of Mormon will be the means of bringing many souls unto salvation! It made me realize how much more I need to use it and how powerful of a converter it is. We asked if she had any questions about what she read and she said "The Book of Mormon said if you get baptized and you fall away it would have been better if you never knew God, is that true?". Glorious!

Elder Vance
Thanks to fasting, praying, and a suggestion from Sister Robison we were able to have three families in church and part of another family. It was all of our investigators except for one. It was amazing, i know that when we fast and pray Heavenly Father hears and answers us. I've seen it before and this was just another witness.

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