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Friday, April 10, 2009

Zone Conference Tour Begins

We are heading to Surname tonight to begin our second to the last zone conference tour.

The theme is planning from Preach My Gospel chapter 8 - training that is always needed and essential to success. It includes time management, goal setting, planning to reach those goals, keeping up an area book to track the progress of investigators, and accountability. My favorite quote from the chapter is:

"Ask yourself, 'What more can I do?'"

Isn't that something we all should be doing daily? A fascinating exercise took place this week, as President Robison asked each companionship to read each of the 13 points starting on page 147 of Preach My Gospel in weekly planning and discuss every sentence. The results were amazing. Planning sessions were longer and the elders were engaged. They are bringing their area books to zone conference interviews and they are well-prepared for a great learning exercise.

I will be teaching about ordinances, keys and sealing power. President Robison will share ideas on how to be more productive, using lots of stories from the lives of the prophets. The assistants will focus on the skills in chapter 8. I think it will be a great conference.

Here is the schedule:

Suriname - Monday April 13 (the elders may not be able to email this day)
Canje, Guyana - Wednesday April 15
Georgetown, Guyana - Friday April 17
Island - Tuesday April 28
French - Thursday April 30
Trinidad - Wednesday May 6


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Angela said...

Thank you for the wonderful birthday present! My son is in Suriname, so rather than getting an email on Mondays as I usually do, I will get one on Tuesday which just happens to be my birthday!

Also, our bishop challenged our ward to read PMG cover to cover this year. We are almost halfway through and have loved it! It has brought the Spirit into our home and we have felt a real connection with our missionary son, :o)