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Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday in Georgetown

That was the sight waiting for us at the finish of our drive from Canje to Georgetown last Thursday

Georgetown and Canje zones gathered Friday morning at the LaGrange chapel - the largest zone conference in the mission.

We continued our focus on the topics of ordinances, goal setting, and planning

That's an impressive planner!

See that neat little graph on the left side? That's the 'funnel' - one of the powerful tools West Indies missionaries have learned to use to diagnose their work.

We had a number of prospective missionaries - including these two from Crabwood Creek learning to plan with Elder Parrish and Elder Ali

For break, happy happy elders devoured Sister Evans' famous homemade cinnamon rolls

Here they are - the hard working elders of Georgetown and Diamond

Elders Dayton and Mundy (in their very last zone conference) with Elders Marshall and Green

Elders Weiderhold, Chambers, Vaea, and French speaking Elder Tycksen (in his last zone conference too)

Elder Powers (brand new) and his trainer Elder Tupou

Elders Olsen, Lang, Gilley, and Worthington - having a little fun with my photo taking

Elders Barker, Lee, Christensen (brand new), and Findlay

Elders Parrish, Ali, and two prospective missionaries

Elders Damm Clark (Jordan - brand new), Clark (John) and Averett

Elders Moses and Daines

Elders Cotton and Brenkmann, a prospective missionary baptized just a few weeks ago! and Elders Stebbing and Mulder

It was a great conference - but sadly we had to say goodbye to Elders Mundy and Dayton since this was the last time we would see them during their mission


Dave and Tauna said...

It makes my day to see my missionary. Thank you

7EVANS said...

Sister Evans is my Sweet Mother-in-law .... and we miss her wonderful cinnamon rolls .... almost as much as we miss her!

Alicia said...

Those our my mom's cinnamon rolls! We miss them---and her and my dad as well!! We love all of you!